Year 2018 Prophecy 

2018 is the year of maturity or adulthood. The 2000 years is just a number of the years that have passed by. It denotes the passing of time, of events and of people. The 18 years shows how well we've grown or how far we've come as a world in the second millennium. It denotes... Continue Reading →

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Being Able

Part of the trick of being able to defeat your enemies is knowing what you are good at/ with -  St. Albert XIV. You cannot defeat your enemy if you do not know fully or are not versed in the art/ skill you’ve been taught, just like it is in martial arts. One thing I... Continue Reading →

Showing Myself

I gotta tell the truth, I can’t keep hiding anymore. I can’t say that I’m WANTED but that some people have been looking for me in this world, some people who are not from here. I’ve been here a while now, probably from birth but I’ve been away in hiding (because I have enemies?). I’ve... Continue Reading →

The Jewish Marriage

“If only marriage were that simple, we would all be married”-  St. Albert XIV. The disciples of Jesus Christ didn’t seem to comprehend, what rules one had to follow in order to remain married. To them, the rules given in order to divorce a wife were so stringent, and neither was being single too (rf.... Continue Reading →

The Man In The Mirror

Somehow, I’ve never been able to look at the man in the mirror because, I feel ashamed of him. Not that I am shy of myself but because shame is on me, - not wanted, not loved, not cherished, - I just cannot look at him with gladness. Anytime I come into contact with the... Continue Reading →


When your eye is single, there is great light within you because you see well. When your eyes are double, it's quite difficult telling which one is seeing or which one is defected because they overshadow each other. I thank God I've been relieved from all attachment I had with someone. Because for sometime, I... Continue Reading →

Giving Up The Spirit

Have you ever been in a sickness where you felt like giving up the spirit? Have you been in a situation where you had to fight for your breath, like you were suffocating or under water? Does even the shower make you run out of breath? Have you ever eaten a meal and it felt... Continue Reading →

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