5 Things Every Man Needs

1. The presence of God (Eden); not only should you be in it always, you should have it with you always. Without God's presence with us, life can be very intimidating 2. Work a job; to have something doing before God, something productive and/or fulfilling as Nimrod had. To do something that rakes in money... Continue Reading →

Viol (Verse)

1 Viol, the only tune to my melodic heart That plucks me like a stringed instrument… Because I am one, one of the orchestras of God   2 Viol is the one I love because she sings And not only sings, but plays the guitar also Like Saul, she takes away the evil spirits as... Continue Reading →

One thing I've learnt this past few years is that God's time is the best. When we wait for God's time, everything we do is or becomes a success. When we try to do what God has called us or is calling us to do before time, it's like wearing an oversized shoe- you just... Continue Reading →

Ads Websites

In a bid to promote ads on smartphones, websites are becoming increasingly incredible. It does not only show ad but veers off the site to another that you did not click on and you have no control over what to view. Perhaps ads should be made short, kind of playable but not a video format... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I wish that we had this technology where there is a virtual assistant implanted in your head. This virtual assistant is like the other part of your brain except that it does all the cognitive thinking for you, helps you relate to life's experiences where you are found wanting, and keeps you company when... Continue Reading →

There's nothing the world will see that they will ever believe. Even when they are seeing the truth for themselves, they still want to find a lie about it. It's part of the reason why Jesus didn't show himself to the Pharisees and priests after his resurrection but to his disciples only. Word, don't waste... Continue Reading →

When we go through troubles in our lives, we are not going through it for ourselves only but for all the dozen others that may be or are having troubles with it. We go through trials and temptations and come out better so we can help others suffering in it.  #imaliberator

When people want to change a character in you, they do not do so directly. They use - your - sickness as an excuse to do/cause all that they want to do/cause in you. Hm, we're not kids; we weren't born yesterday. Beware of people!  #word

Gaining True Acceptance

True acceptance comes by living and walking in faith towards God – Albert. When Abraham walked with God, he was called the friend of God because he believed in Him (James 2:23). We can never have true acceptance from God unless we obey what He tells us. We know this through the three of stages... Continue Reading →

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