From Jerusalem To Jericho

This is about the parable of a man who was robbed and mobbed to almost death. We all probably know this parable in Luke 10:30-37, but I want to take it in a different direction. We all know how dangerous it is to travel, not only to places but travelling as in itself. With flights... Continue Reading →

Vault (Verse)

1 Vault, graciously I’ve found a new word for V She is my safe room where I’m free from all All viruses, all thieves, and hookers in life V keeps me safe all in all to say And makes me want nothing Because she has my valuables   2 Vault, like her name, so is... Continue Reading →


This is something you’ve probably heard several times but I still want to talk about it. You’ve probably heard in a sermon or preaching that you should not swear because you can’t make anything in this world. That kind of gives you the excuse to swear by things made by yourself or by man but... Continue Reading →

Rest After Death?

Many have had the notion that there is more sleep after death and so work tirelessly without giving themselves a break. Well, is that true? Are they right in what they are thinking? Do we really rest/sleep in peace when we die? Why do we even put that signpost on our graves? In almost all... Continue Reading →

Art Over Ego (Gospel Music)

Many times, I have seen this and it’s becoming unbearable for me. In trying to bring out gospel songs that inspire, we tend to promote our art over the ego, that is, the will to worship God our Creator. My motive here is to draw the attention of these musicians to it, and perhaps listeners... Continue Reading →

Valentine (Verse)

Val, I call her like she’s my pal If not for her, I would have no valentine But Christ has her place in my heart right now Val is my everything to me; she is many things to me If you haven’t met her, this is the best description of her Veracious, full of grace... Continue Reading →

Gods In Us

Have you ever had that feeling where you felt like you were this special person, like a god? I have sometimes, and I don’t know why I have that feeling but it seems to stem from – the praises of – people, their songs. In each and every one of us lies a god dormant.... Continue Reading →

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