Sensuality In Christianity

One of the marked difference between human beings and other beings is our sense of sensuality. Sensuality to explain is something that relates to our senses or body and not the mind or spirit. Sensual beings are more emotional or empathetic about each other or other people, and tend to relate to them in that... Continue Reading →

Children Of Promise

Like as I’ve been doing, I always highlight some important topic in the Bible every time I write a blog post. Today, I want to talk on the children of promise, how blessed they must feel to know that they are the children promised to Abraham (Galatians 3:7). In the Old Testament, Abram before he... Continue Reading →

Sometimes when I hear about these extremists or radicalists marrying or abducting women to marry I tell myself "so these people love life yet they take guns to disturb other people's lives". What's the 'psycho' in that? Why want a family when you deprive others of the same?

Man’s Plague

You just can’t understand that man has been plagued. We’ve been plagued with diseases, illnesses, battles, wars, disasters, and so on. When you think of it, it’s almost as though it’s a curse to live in this world and we human beings carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders. But man’s plague is... Continue Reading →

No Professional Blogs :-(

People create and write blogs but not many do it for professional reasons. Sometimes I ask myself, don't these bloggers have jobs? Why are they not blogging about their jobs? For my field, building & construction, I find only one man who is blogging about his profession and even for him, it's because he's an... Continue Reading →

Illuminati: Discussed

Illuminati, any of various groups or people who claim to have some kind of special or enlightened knowledge on a particular subject, especially in philosophy or religion. Today, this word is used mostly to refer to some people that are thought of as evil but illuminati is a word for the church. In fact, illuminati... Continue Reading →

A New Heaven?

For some people, they cannot come to grips with the fact that this earth will pass away. Like the 2 Peter 3:3-4 says, they scoff that the world has continued since the beginning and thus nothing will change. Well, I am here to say that there shall be a new heaven and new earth, whether... Continue Reading →

Receiving Answered Prayers (Part 2)

If there is anything that bothers Christians very much, it is how to pray and receive what you prayed for. I cannot but say that we do not always have 100% answered prayers. We pray and are heard but the receiving part sometimes goes awry. How then do we ensure that we receive the answers... Continue Reading →

When Duty Calls

There is nothing as breath taking as when duty calls. When duty calls, we are reminded of why we are here in the first place- to render service. Responding to duty is not only relegated to those who have sworn the Hippocratic Oath, but to everyone else. Just to clarify, duty is not only your... Continue Reading →

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