God’s Chastening

We’ve had parents who chastised us at the slightest wrong we did but today, it is not so. I think today’s parents are soft on their children because of certain laws that have been passed but God is not affected by our laws or concerns of the State, He chastises us because He loves us... Continue Reading →

Unwavering Faith

We are called to have an unwavering faith, one that cannot be tossed to and fro. As children of God though not children, we are not to be swivelled by every sleight of men or wind of doctrine that is passed from the mouth. One way I know the church is matured is when they... Continue Reading →

The Rod Of Correction

In the past, many vices were curbed with the rod. It’s what led to the expression, “spare the rod and spoil the child” (cp. Proverbs 23:13). Children were not the only culprits, adults were too (cp. Deuteronomy 25:2-3). This always worked so long as the children or students were condescending i.e. accepted they were wrong... Continue Reading →

Studying Believers

Heard someone say that they're studying a rapper's song at the University but not his lifestyle. Well that's about a secular person but I want to talk about us believers. As Christians, it's a shame if people can study our doctrine but cannot study or look at our lifestyle. It's a complete shame if we... Continue Reading →


So it’s a fact, in Christianity boasting is a sin. It is something that displeases God and He hates it. According to James 4:6, God resists the proud and give grace to the humble. We are not to boast about anything except what we are and have in the Lord (1 Corinthians 1:31). In this... Continue Reading →

None The Least

There was this man who rose through the ranks as one of the best martial artists in the martial art world. In his last but one contest to become the best, he trained hard and mastered all the flaws of his opponent. It was upon their flaws that he was able to defeat and win... Continue Reading →


We hear many things by rumour and for a fact, rumours spread faster than any other form of information. When you have or hear a rumour, it is easy for you to spread it because it sounds so true. Rumours do not only come in the form of hearsay, some are jokes but true though.... Continue Reading →

The Time Of Life

At what point does life come to us? In which part of the year do we feel lively? At what time does life come to fruits so we can eat it? At what stage of pregnancy does life come into the child? In what ways can we bring life to our dead situations? In this... Continue Reading →

Gibberish Tongue

Did you know that a word sounds gibberish the first time you hear it, especially if it’s a big or long word? Did you know that words sound gibberish when you don’t understand them? Well that’s the truth. In this note, I want to look at a tongue that sounds gibberish. The only word a... Continue Reading →

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