Three People You Need In Your Life

You can admit that we all need somebody in our life but I’d say there are some people who are more important than others. Lemme first establish that family is important and you cannot do away with them, next are your friends. But most importantly, we all cannot do without God who is the source... Continue Reading →

Is It Well?

Most times we are asked “how are you doing?” and the response we give is almost always automatic. We tend not to think about our answer as everything may seem ‘fine’ (well) in our lives. It’s only until we’ve been plagued in our minds by a problem that we tend to give the (right response?).... Continue Reading →

Finding God

What most of you are probably think is, following a ritual or methodology when searching for God but that only leads to disappointment. That is not what I am here to talk you into. Finding God is an easy task that does not require any special acts or methods. In this note, I want to... Continue Reading →


I believe we all know harmattan, that time of the year where the weather gets dry and you feel edgy. Here in Ghana or sub-Saharan Africa, there are two major seasons- the rainy season and the dry/ harmattan season. Harmattan is a few months away from coming, ready to unleash its harshness on humanity down... Continue Reading →


We all love continuity, we love the flow and we love how things follow in order. We love our memories to be intact and progressive, we don’t like it when things are hidden in suspense. Except for some few producers who love to deviate from the original sequel, I think we all want a life... Continue Reading →

If I Don’t Have Love (Review)

NB: This is a review on V. Rose’s song “If I don’t have love”, from the album “Young Dangerous Heart”. We’ve all grown up with these fantasies in our mind that money is everything, that without it we will be nothing. Of course money has given some people power but that does not mean they... Continue Reading →

Consequences Of Sterilization

I don’t know if I’m the only one realizing this and if others have realized it too, probably they’re being silent on it. There are disadvantages that sterilization is doing to us, and they are many. Sterilized foods have caused our bodies to go sterile too and intolerant to bacteria that were once eco-friendly. First... Continue Reading →

What To Do When There Is Panic

Remain calm The first thing you want to do when there is a panic arousal is to stay or remain calm. Staying calm doesn’t mean you’re cold, you’re just brave and want to be introspective. When you remain calm, you are able to assert the situation on the ground and act accordingly. Ask questions In... Continue Reading →

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