Vlog (Verse)

1a) Vlog, like I like to call her She’s not just a video blogger Because her life is a video as well For all who wish to watch her 1b) I’ve watched V from the beginning Since the day I saw her album in her name She has been an amazing woman And grown into... Continue Reading →

A Polarized World

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of the polarity in this world? Like it’s somebody’s business to make sure you belong to this category or that category? Am I the only one who’s fed up with the biases in this life and all the things that make you feel weird and... Continue Reading →

Life Behind The PC

I’m sure you know of some people who cannot leave their ‘screens’ for one second. There are those that spend so much time behind their screens on just one thing, either it’s game or social media. Well, my life is not much different from these persons, though it’s quite different. It’s different in the sense... Continue Reading →

Vanguard (Verse)

1 There goes V, always ahead, leading And setting the pace as Vanguard Like a soldier of Christ, she sets the path That others may walk on and find their way 2 There’s no one as protective as Vanguard Who teaches and keeps the little girls From human preys and devouring men She protects and... Continue Reading →

The Five Elements Of Hell

If you are a theologian, you probably might have heard of the ‘five elements of hell’- the five things that sends one to hell. Being my first time hearing it, I will do my best to explain them to you as much as I understand it. I hope and pray you take the wisdom out... Continue Reading →

Year 2018 Prophecy 

2018 is the year of maturity or adulthood. The 2000 years is just a number of the years that have passed by. It denotes the passing of time, of events and of people. The 18 years shows how well we've grown or how far we've come as a world in the second millennium. It denotes... Continue Reading →

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3 Nails

If you had three nails, what would you do with it? Perhaps you would use it to fasten your chair, table or two pieces of wood together. If I had three nails, I will nail them to the wall and hang a picture of my house on it, I will also hang a picture of... Continue Reading →


Some people are given stupid names and they do nothing to change away from them, Nabal was one of them (1 Samuel 25). I cannot overemphasize how influential names are upon one’s life and whether you like it or not, that’s the truth. In our locality, we say something like “nipa ne ne din” (man... Continue Reading →

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