I’m sure by now you’ve already made your mind about the things that you want to resolve in the next year. Perhaps you picked up things this year or the previous which are not good in themselves, and you want them changed or gone forever. I’m sure you’ve made promises to yourself, your spouse, friend,... Continue Reading →

The Vine Branch

This note is about Jesus Christ, because he is both the Vine and the Branch. I will be talking about something that you never might have heard before, which will blow your mind. All religions can be taken as trees or tree branches; either the religion is a branch of another religion or is a... Continue Reading →


Verse, the sum of all my poetic and prosily writings Let’s pretend and say I didn’t fall for her Whilst doing these, but that I was stretching my hands Trying them on some new stuffs I hadn’t before   V is the best, no doubt I could say she’s the greatest Not just by the... Continue Reading →

Written Rap?

Next year God willing, I will be doing what I call ‘written rap’. I am not a rapper, I can’t rap, and I don’t know how to rap. I feel the Lord calling me to do written rap, because he wants me to bless some specific people. If I were to rap, it would be... Continue Reading →

A New Heart

How we wish we have a new heart when the one we have is broken! Well, receiving a new heart in our time is something that is not far from reach. Soon, we will be able to receive just not another heart (someone’s heart) but a heart that is just like ours. In this note,... Continue Reading →

Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

You’ve probably heard of this expression several times and seen the picture posted above but did you know that wolves in sheep’s clothing is a phenomenon that was already in existence in the Old Testament? In Ezekiel 34:2-3, we read that there were some shepherds of Israel who fed themselves sumptuously on the sheep. Instead... Continue Reading →

Church Standing

John 15:16 says that Jesus chose us and ordained us to go and bear (bring forth) fruit and that our fruit should remain. It will be a shame to start a church only for it to fall later. Do you know your church’s standing? Where does your church stand in the kingdom of God? Jesus... Continue Reading →


You know as human beings, we love freedom. We don’t want to be and never like being subjected or forced against our own will, or coaxed into a box. In fact, who doesn’t love all things free. Freedom is something that was given us by God right from the beginning so it’s no wonder dictatorship... Continue Reading →

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