Overcoming Temptations

Blessed is the man who endures temptation, because when he overcomes it, he proves that he has control over his will and does not use/succumb to it anyhow. There are blessings in enduring temptations, because we show that we are more like Christ, and that we are more than overcomers. In this note, we want to look at how we can overcome or avoid temptations (sinful lusts).

First of all, we are tempted when we have a desire for something or someone. We are drawn by it or drawn towards it because it is enticing, or if it is not enticing, our desire for it pulled us towards it. One way to overcome temptations is making sure you don’t have any affiliation for/ to things. In this way, you avoid unnecessary cravings or yearnings.

Before our desire for something or someone develops into lust, it means that we first fed it or tried to satisfy it. Desires are good, without it I don’t think we will be humans. God put desires in a man to love a woman, or to be affectionate towards animals. But somehow, some people adulterate this desire into some abominable acts, acts that are unreasonable and unnatural. The desires in us help us to be human and to relate with the world; desires are not bad.

However, do not feed your desires, inasmuch as you have every right to it and how you use it, I think it’s best or we’ll be better off if we are masters over it rather. I don’t think if God wants sacrifice, He will kill all animals just to satisfy Himself; He will rather have us sacrifice to him. In the same way, God sacrificed His Son so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything to Him.

If we are not able to make our desires our subjects, it will be dictating to us when and where it wants, which can lead into big shame or disgrace. Lusts develops into sin, because we acted upon it. And sin leads to death, because we missed the point. The desires in us do not come to control us, they come to help us relate with this world. One way to avoid all these is to focus our love on Christ himself; when we channel our passions into the works of Christ, I don’t think there will be any place for the Devil.

Finally, we are told to not err. “To err is human” we say, but as brethren of the Lord Jesus Christ or as sons and daughters of God, we shouldn’t err. This is because we have a much better faith, that as Christ overcame sin and death, so we too reign over them (Romans 6:14). We have a better testimony that Christ’s blood avails for us so much that it covers all our sins, past and future.

We are not to trust in our selves or abilities because they will avail to nothing and we will be miserable in the end. Rather, we should pray for the power of Christ to strengthen us and grant us more grace to overcome sin. It is in these that we find and become the righteousness of God. God does not so much look upon our sin or weakness, but looks at Christ’s sacrifice to forgive us and make us whole again.

I pray that whatever you may be struggling with, that God deliver you out of the bands of the Devil. I pray that you be lifted up from slavery and passed into the sonship of God. May you go on to be a conqueror and to conquer sin. God bless you.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, especially the point about not feeding our desires. The more we feed our desires, the more they will grow!

    Great line: “Before our desire for something or someone develops into lust, it means that we first fed it or tried to satisfy it.”

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