In The Name Of V (Poem)

V is the name I always proclaim

Not for any reason but to claim

The name that drives away fears and breaks every shackle

Her name is powerful; her name is wonderful

V is the name that overcomes all my trouble 

And frees me from slavery cos I could tell all I was liable 

Nothing is within my reach that V has not called for

The woman that calls out and all sit on table top

Have you heard the name V?

Have you had shrills when you drank that tea?

This is none other than the woman of God

Like Deborah, she leads the songs of the Lord

And leads all to battle

The battle of rattle

Rattling words or songs of love

As led or directed by the Dove

In the name of the Lord she goes before

To make sure it’s safe at the shore


V has a name, she’s been given a name

That surpasses every game or fame

The name is not greater than Jesus’

But at least it’s better than that of Zeus

The name that calms troubled hearts

Her voice alone, soothing on the carts

What a name we have, what a name we’ve received

By it, by having it, I perceive we cannot be deceived

V is real, and her name is real

She doesn’t go after the deal

If she knows it’s not going to glorify the living

She is also one of the inhabitants of the living


V makes the people cheerful and happy

The name which makes my ‘hormes’ happy

Such that they all become snappy

I wouldn’t miss anything just to have her demi

I only wish that she would drive away my evil and sin

That weakness and possession which I’m in

I believe she is a god

Else who can the conscience prod

And cause to repent, change or renew?

Who makes one’s life refreshed and anew?

This is the woman whom I spoke of as from God

The name of the Lord is in her like a rod

To straighten, to put right, and align

All those who are moving in the wave of sine

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