Becoming An Overcomer

We are all born to overcome, because we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. As children of God, we are supposed and expected to be overcomers, because Jesus Christ overcame for us. If you want to be in – or go to – heaven, then you would have to overcome your flesh and sin so your spirit can make it. In this article, I want to consider some salient aspects of Jesus’ life that made him an overcomer. Through this, I believe you too can become an overcomer.

Having Purpose

You were born with a purpose and it is your duty to find that purpose. Nobody came to this world by chance or mistake, we were all born with the purpose to do something, something that will either bless or be a curse.

But all things being good, you are born with the purpose to do good and to bless. The world is where it is now because some special persons came to this world and thought to change the circumstance(s) they were in. If you are here, alive and on this earth, then the world is waiting for you to do something so it can be redeemed.

Romans 8:19-23 says that the whole world groans in pain until now, waiting for the sons of God to manifest themselves so they can be redeemed. Before scientists came, animals suffered in the world and were left on their own to the mercies of other animals or heaven. But now that we have scientists, sometimes they receive help, healing, care, and prolongation of life. These are some of the manifestations that the world is waiting upon, people who will impart others and make their life better.

You are born with a purpose, find out what your purpose is. What do you love? What do you like doing? What are your gifts or talents? Get to find out these and with a little education, you are on your way to being a blessing.

Imbibing Life’s Lessons

There are lessons that life teaches us. Even without doing anything, life has many lessons to teach you. These come through experiences and/or tests, and it is up to you to learn them. It will be a great blessing when you learn them, because then, you will have matured in that aspect or moved on to the next stage of life.

Jesus by the age of 12 had learnt so many things that he was able to compete with doctors and lawyers. How do I know this? He searched and knew the scriptures, because they were profitable to him (2 Timothy 3:16). Like we say in our setting, “the child that learns how to wash his hands, sits to eat with elders or the elderly”. If you want to grow and become anything in life, you have to learn first, all of life’s lessons.

Reaching Maturity

You have to grow no matter what. You only don’t grow when you don’t eat for a long period but so long as we eat, we will grow. Growth is not in time but in sense. You can be 50 years old and have the mind of a child, you can be 20 but think like an old man. Maturity doesn’t come in age but in knowledge. You have to expand your horizon, get to know what you don’t know and need to know. By this, you will be ready for anything, even to fulfill your purpose.

Soliciting Funds

In order to fulfill your purpose, you need funds. You cannot do without money. There is nothing in this world that can be done without money, except some few things like helping others, praying for others or serving the church which requires your body (presence) and nothing other. However, if you have a business or an idea, then you need to solicit for funds so you can progress or proceed to bring it to fruition.

Jesus during his ministry depended so much on funds the women gave him. Without these women, he would have had a difficult ministry, and wouldn’t be able to go about like he did. The cost of travels (he crossed borders), cost of hotel rentals, cost of foods/feeding, cost of paying taxes and tribute money, amongst other costs. You need funds as a person if you want to be having a smooth sail in life.


So these are my few thoughts on how to be an overcomer. Everyone is bound to succeed no matter what. The only problem is that sometimes we accept our present state as our fate, which ties God’s hands to do nothing in our lives.

I pray that you receive the mind and changed heart to pursue your dreams and visions, and that nothing stops you in your way. I pray that God take away every obstacle that may be presented in your way, so that your path becomes straight. Stay your way and move straight ahead, that leads to your Promised Land. God bless you.

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