Love Infinite

“We love Him because he first loved us” are the words the apostle proclaimed when he spoke of the perfect love. Our love is perfected or becomes complete when we reciprocate the love that God has towards us through Christ. Our love is infinite because like God, we dwell in Him and His love dwells in us. In this note, I want you to know more about the infinite love, how you can have and walk in it.

Some people say or at least think that love is not easy, like some people are difficult to love. Inasmuch as these are true to some extent and I may experience them if I say it’s not, I think God gave us a heart of flesh for a reason. The heart of flesh is a heart of love, a heart that is frail and susceptible to falling in love. Love is only difficult when we do it with our own might, or with intuition/ acquired schemes.

Love is easy and it’s supposed to flow like water. There are no boundaries for water courses; they stream in their path as the land slopes. And if they should encounter a valley, they run deep into the soil. There’s no stopping of water pathways and that is how love is or is supposed to be.

When we can’t love, which is impossible, at least we can flow and wet those around us. If we are stopped in our overflowing love, at least we can dig deep into people’s hearts around us such that they have no choice but to go through us (our love). Love cannot be stopped; like electricity, it can take the path of least resistance.

Am I being scriptural? Of course I am. When God couldn’t (love?) the Israelites, at least He sent His Son to die for the sins of the Gentile world (cp. Luke 5:32). Though He loves all, He’s limited His love to only those who love him back (i.e. Christians), with the exception of the Israelites.

Love is not difficult; people are not difficult to love. You only have to find out what makes them tick and happy, loyal, faithful, kind, etc. and all the rest will be taken care of automatically. When you have infinite love, you can even make a bad person good. Love can change people when applied appropriately, but it takes a lot of carefulness and diligence. If you’re that patient, you’ll see that man/ woman in the person you want.

The only time it becomes difficult to love is when we’ve been hurt or heart-broken. As humans, we tend to dwindle in our love towards people when offended. It’s like our hearts closes, shuts down or constricts. When this happen, we are not able to love or come out fully to love again. On the other hand, it is easy to love because God’s put it in us to love, especially those of our kind or those who are of the same terms as we.

If you find it difficult loving, you will soon realize that everyone is in a relationship or married and moving on, and you are still where you are- bitter and envious. It takes only one imp to realize that these are not as happy as they seem. If they had the chance, they would switch their marriage and marry someone else. This flaw I found in the first man and woman. Even though God made them for each other, they still had problem in their marriage. Love is not – supposed to be – circumstantial, we are supposed to flow in it or with it as though it is infinite.

From this day forward, I hope and pray you find that love that will make you happy. I pray you receive the heart not only to love but also to be forgiving and kind-hearted. We’re all not perfect but we can find that partner that will make us look/appear perfect in our eyes. God bless you.

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