Cursed Friend

There was this man who seemed to be a likeable man, respectful, gentle and obedient. But unfortunately for him, everyone around him seemed to be the opposite, as though he was surrounded by enemies. It seemed this man was cursed, to be in a generation of sinners, or rather, his friends were cursed who could not be any good partners to him.

This had a toll on him as he found it difficult being the good man he wanted to be. One day when the usual trouble arose, he said “you are part of the reason why I am not blessed. You are the kind of persons that bring only trouble/ problems and not good”.

Moral: When he said that, I realized the Scripture that said, “cursed is the man that trusteth in a friend”. Friends are not reliable, and friends come and go, so there is no need clinging to one. What you can do however, if you find a faithful friend is to draw all that you can from the person, because sooner or later, they will be gone or taken away from you.

Friends are not a curse, in fact they are supposed to bring joy, happiness, peace, love, and comfort. They only become a curse when you – start to – trust in them, because like clay or pottery, they can easily break their promises. Friends can also be cursed when they think or wish evil on another (Micah 7:2-6).

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