Go In Peace?

Have you ever been told “go in peace” or “leave in peace”? At least Jesus has. Are you troublesome? Do you cause or bring trouble? Is it something you can’t control? Well in this note, I will show you how to live at peace with others.

Because of the discomfort you cause people, they tell you or say ‘go in peace’ because they don’t want trouble. We put ‘rest in peace’ tablets on people in graves to send a message to the deceased, that “whatever was done to you that led to your death, stay cool and hold your peace in the grave. Do not come out or seek revenge as a spirit on those that killed you. Let all things rest and God will judge them for you.”

All this is a sign of the disparity that is between us human beings- we cannot live at peace with each other. We weep, we mourn, we cry at funerals but all this is fake. We are only shedding crocodile tears because we are the cause of the deceased’s death. Why are human beings so fake? Can’t they be real at least? For me, I don’t smile at you if I hate you because it’s no use. Even if you pass out a joke just to make me laugh, “me ne wo sere kwa” (I only laugh with you) because my heart is not with you. I have to be frank here so you know me well.

That was about funerals, now I’m going to talk about the life aspect. When Jesus healed the Gadarene mad man, the people in the village drove him out and bade him not to come there again because he had spoilt their livelihood. To tell you a secret, they (the villagers) used the man as a ransom to enrich themselves. I perceive that this man who had become mad was not a resident of the village, but that he was passing through or went there to do them service e.g. aid, and was taken to be used for ritual. If you understand the occult, you would know what I’m talking about.

Such is life, that people who don’t know you or aren’t your friends or family, you hate them for no reason. Such is life, that when a stranger wrongs you, you have no heart/love for them. But all these can be curbed if we have and walk in the love of God. All these can be curbed if we live like Christ, who doesn’t hold people’s error against them but forgives them lovingly.

If we don’t do this or can’t do this, I guess this world will always be as it is- one man waiting for the death of another so he can have his way. But I pray it doesn’t happen that way because it’s bad. I rather pray that you receive the love of God in your heart and receive the heart to live at peace and in harmony with all men. God bless you.

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