Shouldering The Government

Shouldering the government is more about people who love God and want to see his kingdom come. It is for those Christians who feel they’ve been called to serve their nation. We all have callings and we all are called to different places, we cannot all be doing the same kind of work?

So, if yours is the gifts of helps or governments then you need to stand up. Some feel they can help their nation in some ways. Such people need to be heard and their ideas or counsel taken and applied. Some feel they’ve been called to government positions. But before you join in, you would have to go through all the necessary trainings or qualifications before you will picked or elected.

All the same, if you want to join the government or be active in politics, then you would have to pass these requirements. I took them from Isaiah 9:6-7.

Requirements Of A Minister/ Member Of Parliament

– ‎Must be born or called out to do this kind of job; before you enroll into politics or governments, be sure you are capable of doing this kind of job. Prophecy may have been given you at birth or whilst grown but you still need to be fit to do this job. You know why? There are so many mobs and beasts and horns that are in this sector. Your face and forehead has to be strong against their forces if you want to do and achieve something positive.

– ‎Be a man of peace and a man of war; in order to establish God’s style of government on earth, you must be a man of war but you must also be a man of peace. Going by my spiritual name, which is in Psalm 120:7, I sometimes war with some troublesome folks because somehow, they seem to stand in the way of God. They just do not like progress or anything positive. So in order to do what I want or what God wants, I have to press harder and stronger against them. If you are that peaceful and can’t fight or don’t want to fight, you will soon die – whilst – in your office.

– ‎A man of orderliness; you must be disciplined yourself if you want to discipline others. Most human beings don’t like order. If you leave them alone, they will mess up everything. Just try them, man is cursed to destroy everything that he comes into contact with. Unless with the blessings of God, you can never do what’s right. You need the teachings and direction of the Holy Ghost to be something in government.

– ‎Must love righteousness; you must hate evil if you want to rule for long. See, you may not be getting it. You may never see God but God works in mysterious ways. You might think you’ll never be caught or apprehended but one simple mistake can get you hot on your ass. You must love righteousness (the right thing) and do them if you want to stay long in power.

– Must be zealous; last of all, you must be zealous for the Lord. You cannot stand for what’s right and keep pressing on if you don’t have zeal. I believe or want to believe those who are in parliament are there because they wanted to see some change in the government, else they could have slept in their homes. So must you be zealous in order to change the system.

So these are my thoughts on how to shoulder your government, whichever country you may be in. You have to give them your shoulders, whenever they’re falling or feeling weak to continue. We need to be each other’s helpers if we want good for ourselves and our country.

I pray for you if you feel called to help the government to be strengthened in this might. God bless you.

NB: You can also apply this to your heavenly country, where you come from and where you will go. If you don’t invest in your heavenly country, you might go there and not find a place for yourself.

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