Cursed Friend

There was this man who seemed to be a likeable man, respectful, gentle and obedient. But unfortunately for him, everyone around him seemed to be the opposite, as though he was surrounded by enemies. It seemed this man was cursed, to be in a generation of sinners, or rather, his friends were cursed who could... Continue Reading →

Unprecedented Divorce

There were this couple who were married for ten or fifteen years, then they broke up (i.e. divorced). The reason was simple; the woman couldn’t see herself in the man’s new vision. When they (the couple) first married, the man wasn’t anybody, he wasn’t having a good job so they stayed happily together. Now, the... Continue Reading →

Mother And Wife Over Man

There were two women that had an issue. Their problem was that their man spent too much time with the other relative. These women were a mother and a wife, and the man they complained about was their son and husband respectively. The son and the husband is the same man/person. So these women brought... Continue Reading →

Leaving Your Woman Behind

Someone said that "women you will always have with you but your job not always. So whatever you do, let your woman be behind and chase your dream, you will always come back to meet them." "How true is that?" I asked my girlfriend. She said to me, "leave your woman behind and someone will... Continue Reading →

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