Balm Of Gilead

A balm is an ‘oil’ obtained from certain types of trees, having a pleasant smell and used in healing or reducing pain (Chambers 21st Century Dictionary). Thus, balms are usually used for healing purposes. The most common of all balms is the lip balm. In this note, I want to look at the balm of... Continue Reading →

About The Fallen

In this note, I want to consider a topic that few dread because there is little information on them. Have you heard of ‘fallen angels’, those angels who could not keep their first estate because they rebelled against God? Well fallen angels are called so because they fell from grace. They were once holy and... Continue Reading →

Entering The Promised Land

We learn that the Israelites could not enter into the promised land because of their unbelief. And we are warned that we Christians too may not enter into the promised rest if we follow in the same example of unbelief. The promised land was the land promised to the descendants of Abraham, whom God made... Continue Reading →

Dying In Your Sins

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to die not repenting from your sins. The wages of sin is death and sometimes, I think that God has patience with us so we don’t perish in our sins. He does not delight in the death of the wicked or evil man, but wishes that... Continue Reading →

God’s Soul

The Bible seems to tell us that God has a soul. The question I ask myself is, “is God a man too?” How could God who is a Spirit have a soul, but this is what the Bible tells us. In this note, we want to look at God’s soul, what it is. I had... Continue Reading →

Go In Peace?

Have you ever been told "go in peace" or "leave in peace"? At least Jesus has. Are you troublesome? Do you cause or bring trouble? Is it something you can't control? Well in this note, I will show you how to live at peace with others. Because of the discomfort you cause people, they tell... Continue Reading →

Love Infinite

“We love Him because he first loved us” are the words the apostle proclaimed when he spoke of the perfect love. Our love is perfected or becomes complete when we reciprocate the love that God has towards us through Christ. Our love is infinite because like God, we dwell in Him and His love dwells... Continue Reading →

The Devourer’s Schemes

We have a devourer that is against us human beings, someone who wants nothing but our demise. In Malachi 3:8-11, we read that God’s people rob God of His money and therefore, they end up with the devourer devouring even their little money that they have. In this note, we want to look at the... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Temptations

Blessed is the man who endures temptation, because when he overcomes it, he proves that he has control over his will and does not use/succumb to it anyhow. There are blessings in enduring temptations, because we show that we are more like Christ, and that we are more than overcomers. In this note, we want... Continue Reading →

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