Letter To My Dear (Copied)

NB: This was first posted to Facebook and Instagram by my dear friend, Clichy Silas Boateng (all credits to him). I copied and posted it here, by his permission, because I can relate. I adapted the letter a little bit to suit the audience here. I hope all women reading this will take a note... Continue Reading →

Life Behind The PC

I’m sure you know of some people who cannot leave their ‘screens’ for one second. There are those that spend so much time behind their screens on just one thing, either it’s game or social media. Well, my life is not much different from these persons, though it’s quite different. It’s different in the sense... Continue Reading →

No Professional Blogs :-(

People create and write blogs but not many do it for professional reasons. Sometimes I ask myself, don't these bloggers have jobs? Why are they not blogging about their jobs? For my field, building & construction, I find only one man who is blogging about his profession and even for him, it's because he's an... Continue Reading →


I cannot help but admit that I am disconcerted; I think I need a fix. All my life, I’ve never been this hopeless. Being a child is easy and growing up is the most difficult part. People tell me “you have to face life as it is” but that can be daunting, as sometimes, you... Continue Reading →

Passing Out 

We use this word to mean death or losing consciousness but it goes way beyond that. I dealt with a lady who 'blacked out' - as I called it - anytime she hit fear because she was dealing with something way beyond her strength spiritually. In such a case, I could she passed out (sense... Continue Reading →

Receiving Answered Prayers

I don’t know who this piece will bless but I’m sharing it all the same. I’m in an age group where I’m boxed to be a millennial but that’s far from it. For me, I define a millennial technically as someone born from the ‘90s upwards. That excludes me because I’m ‘87 born though I... Continue Reading →

Psychic Healing

I've come to realize that most of the sicknesses people suffer from are mainly psychic, ie. of the mind. Some sicknesses are a state of the mind and it explains why medical placebos seem to cure patients sometimes. Psychic Healing, if I should define is using words or some other method to bring about a... Continue Reading →

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