Year 2018 Prophecy 

2018 is the year of maturity or adulthood. The 2000 years is just a number of the years that have passed by. It denotes the passing of time, of events and of people. The 18 years shows how well we've grown or how far we've come as a world in the second millennium. It denotes... Continue Reading →

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See, God, leave them alone. If we had judged this same way, they would've said that God is wicked. But when they're the ones judging, they think they're right, that they have their temper under control. Hm! 

Sometimes when I hear about these extremists or radicalists marrying or abducting women to marry I tell myself "so these people love life yet they take guns to disturb other people's lives". What's the 'psycho' in that? Why want a family when you deprive others of the same?

Will, Power and Knowledge

Knowledge alone is not enough to drive progress. It is not enough knowing something when you cannot perform it, what you need is the will to do. Therefore when Paul spoke, he said that it is God who works in us both to will and to do his good pleasure. You may have the knowledge... Continue Reading →

The earth was full of sinners and needed to be pacified of its sins. Sacrifice had to be made in order to pacify God so the sins would be 'remitted'. Since the wages of sin is death, lives were sacrificed so the earth would be appeased (at ease). #noahsflood

Over the years, I've realized that knowing more of God's word makes your life better naturally. The more you study it, the more it transforms you and makes you Christian. 

There is no difference between faith and works- your faith proves your works and your works shows the kind of faith you have.

We say that life is full of ups and downs but I think that it is only filled with ups; some are just higher than others. #Romans_8_28

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