Verse, the sum of all my poetic and prosily writings Let’s pretend and say I didn’t fall for her Whilst doing these, but that I was stretching my hands Trying them on some new stuffs I hadn’t before   V is the best, no doubt I could say she’s the greatest Not just by the... Continue Reading →

V’smas (Verse-Song-Poem)

What am I doing? Here celebrating Jesus’ birthday but V’s own is around the corner A fortnight after Christmas, V is not a ‘noner’ See, I have received the green light To do a song that will change your diet (pardon me) I’m not making light of what’s in plain sight (you hear me?)  ... Continue Reading →

Votary (Verse)

Votary, that devout and servile woman of God That selflessness which is of love towards mankind What can we do without her? Though just one among many Yet she is all we could ever ask I am not placing responsibility on her That I know she cannot fulfill Because I know very well that she... Continue Reading →

Volition (Verse)

1a. Volition, the one who wills and chooses The one who steps in and proceeds Not for any reason but to intercede 1b. Volition loves by will and loves to will She loves the church and loves the Lord She has the best of interests at heart Not only for the church but for all... Continue Reading →

Vista (Verse)

Vista, the portrait everybody looks at O how glamorous! O how beautiful! The love of every man’s life! The apple of God’s eye only! She sees from afar, and sees like an eagle She sees what it is the Lord is saying The word that the Lord has for us She sees all the tricks... Continue Reading →

Vlog (Verse)

1a) Vlog, like I like to call her She’s not just a video blogger Because her life is a video as well For all who wish to watch her 1b) I’ve watched V from the beginning Since the day I saw her album in her name She has been an amazing woman And grown into... Continue Reading →

Vanguard (Verse)

1 There goes V, always ahead, leading And setting the pace as Vanguard Like a soldier of Christ, she sets the path That others may walk on and find their way 2 There’s no one as protective as Vanguard Who teaches and keeps the little girls From human preys and devouring men She protects and... Continue Reading →

Venerable (Verse)

Venerable, now V deserves a little respect From me and others because she’s earned it She’s worked so hard to deserve this   V is for venerable as A is for alpha Because in the church, she sings first And synchronizes the hearts of all believers   V is a leader in the Christian community... Continue Reading →

Virtuoso (Verse)

V, she performs like a virtuoso She has remarkable artistic skills As I always hear in her songs She is a great performer and not only that She has great music too Here are a bit of her virtuosity   1 Send Me A Boyfriend;- A woman so strong in faith She prays for a... Continue Reading →

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