Bible Intelligence

NB: I’m sorry I couldn’t give reference to all the people or things referred to. I understand some people get annoyed when you quote too many scriptures, as though you are doing it to show off how much Bible you know. So I have avoided scriptural quotations as much as possible. I hope you will be able to understand the text without the scriptural references, without knowing where I got them from. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate.


Amongst all my investigations and research into the Bible, I find that there are traces of intelligence in it, but not so much as to convince me.

First, lemme introduce who I am. I was enrolled into this intelligence school during my National Service and since then, my eyes have been opened to see all these things which at first I wasn’t seeing. As to who enrolled me, I cannot tell. All the same, I feel like I’m one of God’s intelligences; I don’t belong to any intelligence agency if you’re asking. I provide intelligence to God’s children whenever possible from His word.

Egyptian Intelligence

Anyways, first I find that Pharaoh spied on Moses and everything he did. He had someone hired to be his eyes on Moses. Come to think of it, how did the Israelite know Moses killed an Egyptian the other day when there was no one around? If it were to be our day, I’d say the man had binoculars!

Proving further, do you think Pharaoh didn’t know his wives’ children and maidservants’ children? That if there was one child that resemble any of his wives or maidservants or their husbands, that he wouldn’t know? That if one child showed up in his palace that resembled a Hebrew, he wouldn’t know?

However, far be it from the truth, God is much wiser than Pharaoh and his intelligence, who used such a scene (set up) to call (handpick) Moses to redeem the children of Israel out of his hands. God be thanked, God be blessed.

Hebrew Intelligence

Secondly, I find another intelligence with Joshua or Moses but it is too obvious. It is plainly written what they did- sending spies to spy out a land.

My aim or objective is to root out the secret intelligence hidden in the Bible.

Roman Intelligence

Thirdly or lastly, I will talk about Paul. Some assert that Paul was a secret spy for the Romans and their proofs cannot be denied, but I am of a different opinion. I rather think the Twelve Apostles didn’t trust so much Paul to be a convert or disciple or apostle of Jesus Christ. There are many ways I can take this from, but I wouldn’t be rash to come to conclusion(s).

  1. If what some claim is true, Paul’s conversion was all planned, just to get himself into the inner circle of the church but that didn’t happen. As the claim made, Christianity was a new religion that was fast spreading like a virus and must be checked. The Romans felt they had to do something about it before it got out of hand. This we find to be true when we consider the fact that Paul only used (worked with) Greek converts- Barnabas, Titus, Clement, Timothy, etc. At least he used people who had a Greek background somehow or if they were Jew, that grew up in a Greek community. All these we find to be true when we consider the names Paul mentions in his letters
  2. However, far be it from it, Jesus used Paul as the apostle to reach to the Gentiles, since the Twelve were not any prepared or ready to go there, thinking they would defile themselves before their fellow Jews. Though Jesus sent Peter to the house of Cornelius and others, Peter didn’t really learn anything from it. Like we always say, “God knows the end from the beginning” and so I’ll show you why.

I believe, the place of Judas Iscariot should have been given to Paul because there is no one that fits the description of an apostle beside him, Paul. I rather see the whole thing as, Paul came in too late in the scene to be announced or added as the Twelfth Apostle, replacing Judas Iscariot. The Twelve interpreting the scripture in Acts 1:20 thought they were the ones to appoint a new disciple of Jesus, when they themselves had been chosen by Jesus himself. So if I may ask, “in what position were they to choose a disciple for Jesus?”

So since Paul’s conversion was so dramatic, I believe he was the one Jesus Christ chose to replace Judas Iscariot, to be the Thirteenth Apostle after Judas Iscariot and Matthias. If you want to dispute, not so much is heard of the apostles in the Acts of the Apostles, like Bartholomew or Matthias himself or . The main ones we hear of are Peter, James and John. And then Matthew, Mark and Luke because they wrote the Gospels. And then we hear of others like Philip, Stephen and James the Lord’s brother who wrote an epistle too. What happened with all the others? How come we don’t hear anything about them and Paul’s name fills the whole New Testament- thirteen outstanding letters!

  1. By the way, as to why the Twelve Apostles didn’t trust Paul so much, or any of the things he said about his conversion, I will explain.
  • That Paul persecuted the church, we know it ourselves and have heard of it
  • That Paul was called and converted by Jesus Christ himself, unbelievable! Does Jesus have need of such a one? A persecutor of his church? These are questions or doubts that ran through the Twelve Apostles’ minds
  • That Paul was honest about his conversion and speaking of it several times, – three times in Acts of the Apostles, – no doubt but his repetition proves that the twelve Apostles didn’t trust his testimony. Luke recorded all three instances of his confession to let the reader know something
  1. Now back to the reason why all the other apostles are not mentioned in Acts, since the Acts are the acts of the apostles, lemme explain. The accounts were revolving around the Twelve and those at Jerusalem until Saul/Paul stepped in, then everything shifted towards him. Why a sudden turn of accounts? You must be critical if you want to get behind the scenes and know how the play actually went.

First, there is not enough to prove here except what has already been laid down. So based on allegations and propagandas, the Twelve Apostles shifted the focus of the book towards Paul, a newcomer who we don’t know much about, so we can find out more about him. Do you get it? The apostles didn’t mind the attention being drawn off them to someone who they weren’t sure about. So throughout Acts 13-28, Luke wrote about Paul’s self.

Questioning, are/were his miracles genuine? Were they by the power of the Holy Ghost as it was with the Twelve? These are things people easily misjudge when you do extraordinary miracles (cp. Acts 19:11-12).

  1. Judging from some of Paul’s texts/epistles, it seems he was very much aware of this, of what the Twelve were up to (rf. Galatians 2:1-6), so he makes statements that lets his readers know “this is what is going on”. And just like someone tried to explain (I didn’t get it), Luke the author of Acts of the Apostles, also made assertions about Paul to let their readers know what Paul was up and about.
  2. The whole intelligence thing is so intertwined (mixed up), you don’t know which to believe or follow. To prove one wrong and the other correct is to create division in the church. Those who belong to or agree with Paul i.e. Gentile Christians, and those who stand with the Twelve i.e. Jewish Christians. If we should use ‘majority carries the vote’, Paul will probably win though he stands alone since he has thirteen letters to his credit whilst the twelve combined plus James the Lord’s brother have also thirteen. Is this some kind of joke? Did the Catholic church whilst canonizing the scriptures, intentionally do this?

We know the Catholic Church was first Roman, before it got out of the hands of the Jews. The first apostles though they recognized themselves as church of some sort didn’t see themselves as one (big church). They had churches (brethren) in Antioch, Judaea, Samaria and elsewhere but chose Jerusalem as their main centre or head over other churches. Surprisingly, Jesus whilst handing down the book of Revelation to John doesn’t address it to Jerusalem or the churches surrounding it but to the churches in Asia, where Paul had ministered! Is this a coincidence or it’s non-coincidental. This proves the allegations of those who say Paul was a Roman spy wrong.

I just think Jesus chose Paul because of who he was- an Israelite, a Jew, a Pharisee, a member of the Sanhedrin, and finally a Roman citizen by price because he worked and stayed with them most of his life. Remember that it was his Roman citizenship that saved him from the persecution of the Jews, else he would have been martyred like any of the other apostles. All these happened that Paul would have a peaceful life and end, having served his due to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you think otherwise or are of a different opinion, perhaps you would have to convince me very well.

One thing I find amazing though, did Paul really know the Gospel by revelation only? Because he makes statements that alludes to the truth that he had knowledge of the Gospel, which he claims was a revelation from Jesus Christ. This man is just something. Well to pin this man down, especially looking at his calibre, I’m sure he knew all about the Gospel and what the new religion preached, in order for him to be able to put them in prison. It’s just like investigators or detectives, they get hands on every information they can get before they step out into the field. Are we sure Paul is not one of the people paid by the Romans to do their dirty job, to get their dirty hands in the Christian religion? Especially considering who Jesus was and the many things that circulated around him in his ministry, death and resurrection? Refer to Matthew 28:11-15; compare Matthew 27:62-66.

If Pharaoh’s intelligence was that advanced, the Roman’s own which was 2000 years later shouldn’t be that surprising to you. Don’t look at me like I’m saying something out of the blue.

That being said, I think the closest thing to Christianity is what the Twelve Apostles practiced. Paul’s letters largely dominate the church today because as we know it, we’ve been under – the influence of – the Roman Catholic Church for long. Like how many years? Like 1260 years, that is a lot. Like someone said, Paul wasn’t even regarded during the time of the Twelve Apostles so he had to be speaking loud in order for his voice to be heard (cp. 2 Corinthians 11:16ff). Today that we criticize little about texts because – we assume – it is the word of God, we end up believing anything anyway. As to how Paul got himself into the church, I think all the people that helped him in his ministry were paid up- Ananias, Barnabas, John Mark amongst others (that’s my allegation).

So what can I say? What is my conclusion? Though I tend to side Paul was a spy for the Romans to get into the church and turn it around to their will, to suit themselves, I also think Jesus used their foolishness to spread the Gospel the more to places where His apostles didn’t want to go. Jesus is Lord and the Great Counsellor, who took the craftiness of the Romans into their hands, just to spread His fame in the whole earth.


So these are the few intelligences I’ve found in the Bible- just three. If you see one, even if it’s suspicious, hit me on it i.e. lemme know about it. Thank you and God bless you.

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