My Hymns Unlimited [Updated-7]


Hymn Unlimited is for everyone especially those who love to sing hymns. It is not to the Methodist Church only, but to the ‘Catholic’ Church. Methodism was born in song, and so, I first received my hymn when I bought a personal copy of the Methodist Hymn Book, the one with Tonic Sol-fa.

I must say, I was inspired to write hymns because I loved the hymns thereof so much. You can call me a hymn writer though I am still learning. I penned down the first hymn in 2007 when I was only nineteen and now my second has come, at the age of twenty-six. Hymn writing must have been born with me and I am yet to unravel them.

My hymns are unlimited because they are so many. Each stanza is a separate ‘hymn’; they can be sung to all occasions. Only two, I have written, and it does not yet appear, they are all. More are yet to come as the year passes by.

My hymns have been uniquely identified. They are for no special occasion as the words speak for themselves. Instead, I have titled them ‘hymn of this’ and ‘hymn of that’ for easy identification. The singer may leave out certain stanzas that he/she thinks is not befitting.

No one word/line(s) should be changed or removed and/or replaced by another without notice. You may translate and/or duplicate them as much as you like but reference should be had to me. Thanks.

Sadly enough, my hymns are without tunes. I do not have any tune affixed to the hymns so for that matter, it can only be read in the hearing of members. If you are inspired with a tune, I would love to hear it too. For now, these hymns can be used for church doctrine. God bless you.

Albert Asare Aboagye, Mr.


1.   Hymn of Declaration


The Hymn of Declaration is a hymn for the soldiers in Christ or soldiers for Christ. It is militaristic; I must say and must be sung by those who are willing to war against the Devil’s militia.

I wrote this hymn first under the guidance of the Holy Ghost and I must say, he is the One who has helped me thus far. This is a hymn for those called into ministry and who want to be ‘witnesses’ for Christ.

Every stanza is perfect and is prophetic. If the believer is willing to be a soldier of Christ, he may freely change the words to suit himself only.

El-i-Jah as used in the tenth (10th) stanza refers to “The God of Jehovah” and not the man of God in the book of Kings. This God of Jehovah is the Mighty God who by fire, consumed the prophets of Baal and also that wicked woman, Jezebel. If you believe this, say ‘amen’.

Aside that, the hymn is wholly inspirational and praise worthy. Some are admonition to the brethren whilst others are in worship to the Almighty God. I hope you would be blessed by this hymn. Xoxo.

Albert Asare Aboagye, Mr.



9.8.9. and refrain.

1 Where on earth is Jesus’ name proclaimed?

Or where is our faith firmed and famed?

For fear to worship His holy name?

Hallelujah;- Praise ye the Lord

2 Who is Jesus that we have believed?

The chief cornerstone rejected

Now, is the name that all receivedst!

3 With my voice, I will praise Elohim

And glory with the gifts given,

To serve Him until it is even

4 Mine self crieth out to my Maker,

From within, shouteth me at Luc’fer

Yet paradise seeketh me better

5 Thy Word, I have hidden in my heart

That Thee, I might not sin against

That upon it, I may meditate

6 Be not over righteous than thou canst

Neither make thyself over much wise

Wherefore shouldest thou destroy thyself?

7 Suffer thyself not to be wicked

Neither be thou foolish enough

Why shouldest thou die before thy time?

8 What preventeth me from praising;

My God, who made me a living;

Soul, in He whom I am glorifying?

9 Blessed is the nation who hav’st God;

As Lord, they shall be an ephod;

Purchased by the Son of God our Lord!

10 I will bless El-i-Jah at all times

His praise shall in my mouth betimes

For a time, half a time and two times

11 Many afflictions the righteous have

But the Lord delivereth them,

To preserve it for the wicked souls

12 No, let all men be liars and God true

Our hol’ness is but rag filthy

Cleanse us, O Thou Faithful Deity

13 Do good but evil, depart ye from

Henceforth seek ye first God’s kingdom

That ye may find favour and wisdom

14 I wish I could sing all day and night

And dance to glory with all might

But it’s finished, Jesus’ fought the fight

Written by: Albert Asare Aboagye

First Written on: 19th January 2007

2.   Hymn of Adoration


The Hymn of Adoration is a hymn of praise to our Lord Jesus Christ who has saved us from sin and death. The hymn majorly speaks about him, his works and what he will do.

It is a reminder for the Christian to know what our Lord Jesus Christ has promised to do. We must not lose sight of him as he has not forgotten us but still cares for us.

This is a general hymn, not only to the Maker as adoration but also for the Creation as admiration. Hope you’re blessed, xoxo.

Albert Asare Aboagye, Mr.



  1. Come, Thou Saviour of men!

Come, and save us hence;

For we are but men!

Come, Lord, and take us thence!


  1. We are many but one;

Thou art Three in One.

Thine body we’re, Christ;

Thou hast given us life.


  1. In Thy name, we glory;

Lord, and King of Glory.

Fill our hearts, Spirit;

With truth, that we hear it.


  1. We praise Thee, Lord Jesus.

We would, You cleave us;

To become Thy Bride;

Thine only Church to bide.


  1. We the Church adore Thee!

We the Church love Thee!

We the Church praise Thee!

We the Church extol Thee!


  1. The sheep of His pasture;

We forever are.

In His secret place;

We will reside ever.


  1. While we are yet alive;

Our Lord, we live for.

When we ‘witness’ forth;

We’re forever alive


  1. He’s the Lord from above;

We are ’neath the Dove.

He’ll take us above;

So we abide in love!

Written by: Albert Asare Aboagye

Written on: 1st April 2014

3.   Hymn of Psalm 23


Hymn of Psalm 23 is a  hymn taken from the book of Psalms chapter numbered twenty three (23). I love or prefer calling it “Hymn 23”, I don’t know why.

This is a hymn taken from the words of David. It is unusual from the normal chant of the Methodist canticles. This is not a chant but is a hymn.

It may be sung as well as said in a melodic tone. It may be sung according to the rhythms of the heart. This is a solemn hymn and should be sung prayerfully. God bless you.

Albert Asare Aboagye, Mr.



The Lord, my Shepherd is

I have neither wants nor needs

In green pastures I lie

The still waters beside I dine

My soul, the Lord restores

Righteous paths, He implores

To his name, be the applause

Though there be deaths

I fear none save the earth

Because the Lord is with me

His rod and staff comforts me

Mine enemies be many

And a table is before me

Prepared by the Lord for me

My head, he anoints with oil

That my head may never toil

Goodness and mercy, they follow me

They are every day of my life with me

Because I dwell in the house of the Lord

Forever with you, my Lord and God

Amen, hallelujah, praise the Lord!

Written by: Albert Asare Aboagye, Mr.

Written on: 2nd April 2014

4.   Hymn of Exultation


The hymn of exultation is a chant, what the Methodists love to call ‘canticle’. This hymn is taken from the inspiration Hannah had, Elkanah’s wife. In the original, I titled it as the “Hannah’s Prayer of Exultation to the Lord”. She prayerfully lifted the name of the Lord high within her soul. She is a woman of prayer and also of wisdom, I can tell.

I considered writing this because there are many that find themselves in her shoes and do not know what to do. I edited this hymn specially for these ones, that they may be comforted in their sorrows. The Lord bless you and cause your face to be lifted up and to shine, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Albert Asare Aboagye, Mr.



My heart rejoiceth in the LORD,

Because mine horn has been exalted in the LORD:

My mouth is enlarged over mine enemies;

Because I rejoice in the salvation of the LORD.

There is none holy as the LORD:

And there is none beside Thee, LORD:

Neither is there any rock solid as our God’s.


Talk no more so exceeding proudly, thou proud one;

Let not arrogancy come out of your mouth any longer:

For the LORD is a God that knoweth,

For by him are actions weighed.

The bows of the mighty men are broken,

And they that stumbled in faith have been girded with the strength of Christ.

They that are full have hired for themselves bread;

And they that hunger have ceased from being hungry:

Such that the barren hath born one worth seven;

And she that had many children is become feeble.


The LORD taketh, and giveth away:

He bringeth down to the grave, and raiseth up.

The LORD maketh poor, and maketh rich:

He bringeth low, and lifteth up high.

He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill,

To set them among princes, and to make them inherit the thrones of glory:

The pillars of the earth are the LORD’S, and he hath set upon them the world.

He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked will become silent because of darkness;

For by strength shall no man prevail against another.

The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken to pieces;

Out of heaven shall he thunder upon the adversaries:

The LORD shall judge to the ends of the earth;

And he shall give strength unto his child the king, and exalt the horn of his anointed.

Edited by: Albert Asare Aboagye, Mr.

Taken from: 1 Samuel 2:1-10

2nd April 2014

5.     Song for our King

1             The earth was moved to meet him

To meet him at his coming

Yea, all the earth rejoiced

They rejoiced because of him

All they that see him shall rejoice

They shall rejoice because of him

2             I am moved also for him

Yea, all we are moved for him

To meet him at his coming

The one whom all the earth awaits

Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God

We are forever yours, O Lord

3             We will walk in thee, Lord

And we will walk with thee

We will work your works

That we may be thine works

We will speak with thee

Speak with us also, and through we

4             The angels adorn themselves

Yea, they adorn themselves beautifully

They adorn themselves with glory

And might, and power of the Almighty

Yea, they array themselves as contestants

These are the beauty of the Lord

5             We will set ourselves as vessels

Vessels of honour unto the Lord

We will wash ourselves clean

Not only the outer, but also within

We will make ourselves ready

Ready unto the Lord, for his use

6             O how we will worship and sing

And dance unto the Lord our God

We are forever grateful, our God

We shall forever be faithful unto Thee

Let our hearts inscribe and inspire

The things which words cannot describe

7             May our God forever be God

And may we forever be His people

May God forever be praised

And may His name be exalted

Jesus Christ, our soon coming king

May we to thee forever cling

Written by: Albert Asare Aboagye

18th May 2016

6.     Hymn of Church Planting


Got this hymn whilst remembering some of the things I did on the platform, the moves and tactics I took and used in building God’s house. I am God’s house, a building that is under construction.


We will build the house of the Lord with all we can (with all we can)   2x

We will build the house of the Lord…

And worship in the house of our God

We will build the house of the Lord with all we can

We will sing in the house of the Lord with all we can (with all we can)                2x

We will sing in the house of the Lord…

And worship in the house of our God

We will sing in the house of the Lord with all we can

We will dance in the house of the Lord with all we can (with all we can)            2x

We will dance in the house of the Lord…

And worship in the house of our God

We will dance in the house of the Lord with all we can

We will pray in the house of the Lord with all we can (with all we can)               2x

We will pray in the house of the Lord…

And worship in the house of our God

We will pray in the house of the Lord with all we can

We will build the house of the Lord with all we can (with all we can)   2x

We will build the house of the Lord…

And worship in the house of our God

We will build the house of the Lord with all we can

Written on: 1st February 2017

NB: Tune is like that of a Methodist hymn but the tone is that of ‘row row your boat’

7.     Hymn for our Messiah


Whilst listening to Christmas songs this festive season, 2017, I thought “why not write a hymn for the incarnation of our Saviour, for all the benefits his descent brought to us on earth?” So this hymn was birthed out of a desire to praise the Lord. I meant it to be a Christmas song but I guess I will have to leave it at this, it’s the best Christmas hymn I could produce.

The first stanza is what I thought of it to be, but the rest seem to diverge. The last stanza seems to bring all the others together, from the first to the fifth.


1             Tonight our Saviour and King is born

That ‘xalted horn of the unicorn

Tonight our Blessed Redeemer is here

For courses of life for him to steer

Tonight our Lord and Master visiteth us

We shall forever be worthy and called thus

2             Today we live, move and have our being

Tomorrow God shall dwell with our being

Today we’re ready, willing and prepared

Tomorrow we shall stand well fared and fed

Today we see our King exalted and installed

Tomorrow we shall reign and be in our stall

3             Yesterday we were nothing ‘fore Him

But now are we made steadfast in Him

Yesterday we were no match for Satan

But now we are conquerors, we’re more than

Yesterday we wept and sorrowed for our sins

But now we’re glad and joy in His righteousness

4             Tomorrow we all shall break the mite

Because we all give the Lord our tithes

Tomorrow we shall dance in all our might

Because the Lord reigns in the very heights

Tomorrow we shall give the best widow’s mite

Because we are to Jesus Christ, His best brides

5             Nothing cherishes me more, than that

The Lord’s built me many many flats

Not to dwell, reside or stay in alone

But that I will be closer to His home

This is the Lord’s good deed, intent and will

So we all will be part of His common weal

6             Tonight we sing, tomorrow we dance

And eat, and be merry; it’s our chance

Today, so rejoice and bless the Maker

The One who is holy in all the earth

Tomorrow we shall be one with Him, in Him

That together, all the church may sing one Hymn

Written by: Albert Asare Aboagye

Written on: 1st December 2017


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