My Poems [Updated-13]


This is a collection of all the poems I have written. Any latest poem would be automatically added and updated on this page. These poems are genuine, from me, and inspired by the Holy Spirit. As you can see, all were written by me, Albert Asare Aboagye, and none is a copy from anyone. Like I said, they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. To say, there are no copyrights on these poems; only do not use it against me, thanks.

If you would realize, most of the poems are on Bible topics; it’s because I’m a Christian and have a ministry. Funny enough, you can call me a Bible poet if you want, because that’s what I would like to be. There are many truths that can be learnt from Scripture if only we put them in poetic form; ministry is not all about dogmatic preaching. And so with the gift of writing, that’s what I am using it for- to write poems amongst others.

If you find any poem with no content, it’s because I haven’t finished it. It’s still in the pipeline. As a perfectionist, I always want to give my readers the best of me. God bless you, hope you enjoy it.

1.  Mu-sick

1              Where with all these words?

2              Seriously, I’m impressed

1              The lyrics, the tune, the rhythm

2              It sounds like my favourite hymn

1              Thronging, my heart clings to it

2              The words are so full of it

1              My cravings, my yearnings are all surmounted

2              It feels like I have been supplanted…

1              With amusement. Yes, with mu-sick

2              Yeah, never knew ‘twas so slick

1              Now I can’t do anything, nothing!

2              But just burst into singing

3              Oh now I am splattering

4              I can’t help but keep stalking

1              The mu-sick in me is my heart

2              ‘Tis the mu-sick of my heart

1              I am mu-sick; and nothing makes me like this

2              When all I have to do is ply into this

1              It’s no chore at all

2              And I’m not bothered at all

3              Because I do it for – the sake of – all

4              All I have to do is stall

1              So men can seek me more

2              That I, may receive – all – the applause

2.  Jesus

1              As the Son of God, I was not born but begotten

2              That’s a reminder in case you’ve forgotten

3              I was virgin-born, please don’t be mistaken

1              Who I was or who I am is what I will be

2              That’s just because of all the glory…

3              My Father has given me, that’s my story

1              On earth, I was more than a Lord

2              That’s just because I am God

3              All Christians have this accord

1              I came to make a spoil

2              Of all the Devil’s toil

3              Please, it’s no foil

1              Look at me, you labourers

2              And you will find rest

3              It’s nothing really, just a jest

1              Don’t worry, I’m always with you

2              Even if you don’t have a clue

3              I suffered all that because of you

1              I love you, it’s why I died

2              Otherwise, I would bide

3              So you wouldn’t – have to – chide

1              I am Jesus, that is my name

2              Hope you’ve heard of my fame

3              Go ahead, just you proclaim

1              Though I want to leave you here

2              It’s something you can bear

3              ‘Cos you’re sitting next to me in my chair

3.  Naa Densua (Friend)

Part 1

1              Saw her name at Achimota

2              Thought she owns that plaza

1              She knows how to makeup

2              Like she knows ‘whatsup’

1              Don’t get me wrong

2              That’s her ‘fond’

1              A close friend to Gilbert

2              It’s something you can bet

1              Like as flashy

2              So is she

1              With a little zeal

2              She cooks a meal

1              For them that hunger

2              Please don’t show that anger

1              That’s her little side

2              I know because I spied

1              Hahaha, don’t get me laughing

2              When you see her stocking

1              A woman she is

2              Please take note of this!!!

Part 2

1              Look at her, the smiles

a              What a beautiful face

2              A man wouldn’t go miles

b             Just to receive her solace

1              She is captivating and fair

2              Who would do without her?

3              When she sits, compare

4              How comported, herh!

1              Though skinny, yet elegant

a              Someone you like to have

2              She’s not an elephant

b             Yet not so much of a giraffe

1              With different styles, she comes

2              Look at her hair, she combs

a              When she walks, she stares

b             In meditation, she declares

1              Look at her when she walks

2              It’s like her body talks

a              This is not one of your sports

b             Seeing she’s not used to shorts

1              Up and down, her mouth chews

2              Not only when sitting in the pews

a              It’s not for long, just for few…

b             Hours, then she gives the sigh “whew”

1              Lemme end with this

a              Salute when you see her

2              Now that she is a Miss

b             I hope you heard me sir

4.  Drunkenness

1              Woe I know, and also sorrow

2              Babbling, and contentions at me blow

3              Wounds without cause from me flow

4              My eyes red with tears follow

1              I will tarry at the wine

2              And have my mixed wine

3              It shall be as when I dine

1              I’ll look upon the wine with bliss

2              What wine is as red as this?

3              And coloureth in the cup as is?

4              Behold, it foameth like a fizz

1              So shall it be, whoso wanteth

2              Like a serpent, it biteth

3              And like an adder, it stingeth

4              So let it be, whoso drinketh


1              By it, thine eyes shall see strange women

a              Never as thou hast before seen

b             Thou shalt utter a perverse thing

4              Because thou art drunken with omen

1              You shall be as one that lieth on the sea in the midst

2              Or as one on the top of a mast, which seemeth like mist

1              “They struck me”, say you

2              “And wasn’t sick”, poor you!

1              They beat me up

2              And could not get up

a              Yea, I felt nothing

b             Because of this thing

1              O, when will I be waken?

2              I shall seek it once again

Inspiration taken from Proverbs 23:29-35

5.  Schizophrenia

1          What is more like schizophrenia?

2          It feels more like paranoia

1          My mind’s wandering, thinking

2          I’m almost suffocating, breathing

1          Thinking of what can kill this pain…

a          In my head!

2          Now I’m almost like Max Payne…

b          Am I dead?

1          No worry, so long as I have this life

2          I know I’ll make something out of my wife

1          Can’t keep running away from it though

2          I might as well have to face it yo


1          The voices keep coming to me

2          The delusions keep hunting me

3          It’s almost as if they hate me

4          But actually, they hypnotize me

1          Am I hallucinating?

2          No, I’m dating

1          Mark this date and see what will be my fate

2          Before you realize, it might be too late

3          I’m cool with myself, don’t hate

4          Lemme ask, do you relate?

1          What is it? There’s blood in my veins

2          So long as I keep running through the names

1          Being schizophrenic is no fun at all

2          It’s like, people don’t get it all

1          They use it when they least understand

2          And those who do fail to stand


1          I am schizophrenia, my brother is paranoia

2          And one of our sisters is insomnia

3          Don’t look at me like I have dyspepsia

4          This is not another dyslexia

1          Those who suffer from us know us

2          That we’re always on the same bus

3          It’s not an omnibus

4          If you’re thinking thus

1          With all due respect, in this aspect

2          Respect us when you least expect

1          Else when we ‘get’ you

2          You will pay your due

3          Hope this scares a few

4          God bless you, phew!

6.  E.B.O.L.A.


  1. Ebola, more than the worst canker

So painful for a mourner

How could it have arrived in Africa?

Seeing we’re the poorer

Well I, can’t say much

I don’t know what to do with such

Except maybe write in a Dutch

  1. Ebola, some call it Deborah

It stings more than bees

So that death comes with ease

It’s like your blood pees

So that you have no peace

Whilst your life is on lease

This’ the worst disease

  1. Ebola, did you ever think of Liberia?

Now all people in tears are humming

You are indeed very cunning

Because of you, people are running

To where? Well this is very stunning

Wait till we’re up and coming

Then we would see your standing

  1. Ebola, I would have called You Master

But no, I wouldn’t

I know Your intention, You didn’t

To make a name wasn’t Your intent

But it happened anyway, ain’t it?

Knowing this, no more complaint

Until we meet in another planet

  1. Ebola, try to act like grown up

Thought we made an appeal

But see the way you make us feel

Your presence shocked us like eel

Somehow, you found your way to steal

And your punches are like steel

I bet we did not have this deal

  1. Ebola, now you making me really tired

I find that this whole thing is wired

Like a computer’s wall that’s not fired

Never prepared for this, right?

Don’t think so, no not in this fight

Well I guess you might….

Want to take down this dite

  1. Ebola, what’s all with this Whatsapp?

Worse than the worst disease

It’s more than the deceased

Is this something we have to appease?

Not until all situations are breezed

With this one, even the gods cannot be pleased

Lets pray it goes down well with the beats


  1. The poet talks about the plight of Ebola and how it has stricken Africans. Ebola is just one of the viruses that plagues humans but it has stormed us by surprise, killing many in fewer days. The poet is so stunned that he cannot write any more except maybe speak in another language i.e. ‘tongues’. In the third line, some purport that Ebola is not an African oriented disease but one brainstormed as a ‘biological weapon’. This, the poet inculcates in his poem without much proof.
  2. The poet describes here how the disease is like. It is fast killing and leaves no room for mercy. To those who make fun of it, beware.
  3. Liberia is here used to represent the three West African countries that’s been ‘infested’ with Ebola. People mourn not only for their loss but because they would not be getting to do proper burial. The disease is so frightening that it raises so much alarm, causing people to flee from their countries for safer regions. This if not controlled would rather spread the disease. Africa may be a third world county generally but that will not deter us from fighting against this sickness.
  4. Here and over, the poet personifies Ebola as a person. It is something common with the poet in his poems. The poet speaks to Ebola as a person trying to negotiate ‘his’ terms. Ebola shall pass away and so will its name. The use of the word ‘planet’ does not allude to any science fiction but the poet’s faith. Being Christian and common with most beliefs, there is the belief in another world or life which is much better than this – present – one.
  5. The poet speaks to Ebola to stand up, or down? It has not been behaving itself very well lately, compared to other viruses. Like I said, this is nothing new. What Ebola steals is life from people. It’s almost like all hope is lost when one get infected. The punches are the infections which knocks a person down within few days. This is one of the most life-threatening viruses ever.
  6. Now the poet is fed up with speaking. He doesn’t understand the network behind it and worries that his walls can never repaired once broken. The whole outburst took Africans by surprise even when it’s nothing new. All the same, this virus is just a gist of the puzzle, which would be turned down very soon. Thanks to all those who are helping.
  7. With the social media amongst others, Ebola is now so commonly known. True to the facts, Ebola’s victims have shoot up exponentially; everyday recording a new death toll. Not to sneer the Traditionalists but the African gods have been almost blown out. Now there is no mention of gods when a serious ailment pops up its head, well except maybe for the ‘uneducated’. The poet’s prayer is that songs (the beats) will help sink this information into the ears of listeners so that together, we can overcome it.

7.  Adam & Eve

  1. If only you hadn’t eaten from this tree

We would have been free

Now we have to work

In order to stay alert

Don’t worry, Jesus will prepare us a garden

Where angels will be guarding

It would be as beautiful as the first

At least it’s better than our nest

God will be pleased when He sees it

Because it’ll be as His, knit

  1. We didn’t mean it

Neither did we plan it

But it all happened anyway

That God would have a way

To get us all saved

Away from the grave

On the cross He died

That we might be hired

Not as slaves and servants

But as daughters and sons

  1. It wasn’t our fault

We should blame ourselves not

Though we sinned against God

It was Satan who took the plod

We have this earth to fill it

And we also have the Holy Spirit

We have all that we need

There’s nothing we cannot achieve

God is with us

And will bless thus

  1. We were naked in God’s world

But we never was ashamed of that world

God was with us every time

And it never seemed to us a dime

We had all we wanted

And nothing was wonted

So splendid, so glamorous

The choirs of angels so humorous

Now we have to be in this world

For the meantime, for things to weld

  1. You know what, we’ll forever rejoice

Singing praises with our voice

Our children will dance together

And clap their hands in chatter

They’ll be in the New Heaven

Cos it’ll be for them a safe haven

We with our children will be free from the curse(-d)

Because we are of God the Blessed

We will be clothed in righteousness

And be called ‘Children of Blessedness’

8.  Lazarus


Take these clothes off me

There’s nothing wrong with me

I was only sleeping!

It’s me, can’t you see?

Huh! It’s been the past four days…

And God was showing me His ways

But Jesus brought me back

To show that man is wack???

I was sick unto death

And was laid beneath

I almost lost my breath

But saved my nerve

Death is not pleasantry

But life is like an entry

In it are many wonders

But with so many bothers

I was dead but now I’m alive

This means I’m not going to dive

I will rather fly high

And soar up in the sky

I will deck myself the heaven

And shine as star in the firmament

There I will be fine

And with the LORD dine


Inspired from Trip Lee’s song ‘Lazarus’, from the album ‘Rise Up’


See my man boasting, Lazarus. He is the first and only to be brought back from the dead by Jesus Christ in his lifetime therefore he is showing off- “take these clothes off me”. NB: This didn’t happen in real life anyway.

Because Jesus told his disciples Lazarus is sleeping, he is reiterating that fact. Three days is not enough to make a man lose his form i.e. cause the body to decay. The body stays as fresh as it is within three days after death.

Every death brings back some revelation, if only the person comes back to life someway. So they say, “The dead have answers to life’s questions” but it’s rather unfortunate they cannot speak. What we want to know is how life is after death, what is there after death? We want some proof.

Though Jesus’ intention for raising Lazarus from the dead was to show forth his glory as the Son of God, it proved how empty man is (Isaiah 40:6). Lazarus who fully trusted in God as his Helper showed us that with the help of God, we are more precious than anything (Psalms 8:4-6).

I always say that sickness is the doorstep to death, it is just one step away. When you die, you lose your breath which God gave you and you return to dust. Sometimes you’ve got to save yourself some energy when you die or whilst dying so you can rise up again when the time comes. That is what I meant by saying save your nerves. To struggle in/with death is just pointless and pitiful.

Some say there is more sleep after death but death is not a resting place. It is a transition between this world and the next. The fact that you die doesn’t mean you rest in peace, you are eagerly anticipating where your soul will be, whether heaven or hell. When you die, your soul gives account of all that you did on earth. Life is rather an entry into eternity where there is pleasantry. There are so many mysteries in life, and even death.

Now Lazarus testifies like the blind man testified, though he was dead, now is alive. If you are confused, nobody dives up but down. What it means is that Lazarus will not go down to the grave any more but will ascend up on high on his death day. He will rather fly and soar in heaven as an Orion star. By him, heaven shall be beautified as he decks the firmament with nice colours.

Lastly, Lazarus is happy that he is with the LORD because he will get the opportunity to dine with the LORD himself (Revelation 22:17). Everything will be fine there as there is no sorrow, sadness or pain.

9.  Faith

The substance of things hoped for

Evidence of things not seen

That’s what faith stands for-

Things that you want to imagine!

By it the elders obtained a good report

Not receiving the promise

We can’t do without their support

Otherwise we’ll be at miss i.e. amiss

It is impossible to please God without faith

Because you must first believe

And then be rewarded for your diligence

Don’t act if you do not have faith

Because you are going to have beef

With God for your naughty impatience

By faith the worlds were framed

And everything in it named

That God’s name may be proclaimed

The things which are seen

And those that cannot be seen

Were made all by one Mean

By faith we look for a city

Which is made without hands

Whose builder and maker is God

In it will be all the needy

And none will be there to plunge

Evil in the land of our Lord

By faith we die in the earth

Knowing that we’ll receive the promise

Having seen it afar off

We shall not be laid in the earth beneath

But shall rise up as promised

To go upward North

We seek a better country, heaven

Therefore God is not ashamed to be there for us

For He is taking us where He’s prepared

It is the safest haven

Where Jesus will be pleased with us

There we will be free from any snare

What more can we say

The world is not worthy of us, needless to say

God bless you, I’d say

Taken from Hebrews 11

10.  Women

Women, who can know them?

Cos we always see them

And are never full of them

I had one and realized I had enough

Cos you never seem to know this stuff

Many books are written about them

Yet you never seem to understand them

“What is their problem?” you may be asking

“Nothing really”, you’re rather tasking

Yeah our women are hardworking

Even when the men are not working

With little they feed the whole family

And please this is not another homily

See, women are created by God

So they will be their man’s rod

By them, men act up and sit up

Becoming responsible like “what’s up”

Without them, men are like hesitant

Without them in their life, men are reluctant

See, women can sometimes be outrageous

And sometimes too, dangerous

Never lie with a woman

If you’re not prepared to be a man

Cos you will have to pay your due

Even if your monthly salary is few

This is not to say women are bad

They’re just something we never had

Women are good, and can be helpful sometimes

Especially when you’re facing hard times

Virtuous women, who can find them?

They are to the men their anthem

Cos they always praise or applaud them

11.  Church

The church the bride of Christ is

She is number one on God’s  list

Here comes the beautiful bride

No one can have her and chide

Even God delights in her

Because she is rare

She is the bride of the Lamb of God

Not just to anybody but the Son of God

The body and member of Christ she is

Be sure you get nothing but this

Because none is like her in the world

A frame which no smith can weld

As beautiful as she is, she is Christ’s – one and – only

None can have her except the one who died for her only

Who can receive her and her love?

None but one companion to the Dove

I want to write about her but words have run out of my mouth

I guess Christ doesn’t want me to because my lips are uncouth

I’ll have to end here, I’ll come out with a part 2 if necessary

Only note that the church is nothing less than legendary

12.   My Cousins

The anointed Cherub that covereth

Clothed in beauty around her girth

Honour is her name and fame

Cos it’s hers to claim and proclaim

There’s no one like Cherub

Like ointment, she is a rub

That rubs herself on people

And influences them pupil

Cos she is a professional and a master

Not of arts or sciences, but of ‘block-buster’

She busts blocks for a living

And makes everyone even


Another wonderful name is Eurydice

Born to my uncle as my father’s niece

Eurydice never ceases to amaze me

With her style, looks and beauty

She always has something to cook up

Something that always fills you up

She is a cook and she is an artist

But most of all, she is a scientist

Eurydice, her name means ‘wide justice’

It’s just one of the sun’s solstice

Where with the sun’s face, she shines

Like a star, though it’s only sometimes

Is she moody or she’s become gloomy?

Well, only time will tell this parody


I’ve met Eric quite a few times

And I can tell he has dimes

The stout-looking gigantic lad

You can tell he makes use of latte

He gyms and he has muscles

Not from one of your popsicles

A master of the house and a man of the home

He pays some of the bills and cleans his dome

Now away, now in different houses

He owes nobody but douses

His records, his accounts and his partner

This is not coming from your pardoner

I preach but I write poems for people like Eric

Because this poem is coming from your cleric

Thank you.

13.   In The Name Of V

V is the name I always proclaim

Not for any reason but to claim

The name that drives away fears and breaks every shackle

Her name is powerful; her name is wonderful

V is the name that overcomes all my trouble

And frees me from slavery cos I could tell all I was liable

Nothing is within my reach that V has not called for

The woman that calls out and all sit on table top

Have you heard the name V?

Have you had shrills when you drank that tea?

This is none other than the woman of God

Like Deborah, she leads the songs of the Lord

And leads all to battle

The battle of rattle

Rattling words or songs of love

As led or directed by the Dove

In the name of the Lord she goes before

To make sure it’s safe at the shore


V has a name, she’s been given a name

That surpasses every game or fame

The name is not greater than Jesus’

But at least it’s better than that of Zeus

The name that calms troubled hearts

Her voice alone, soothing on the carts

What a name we have, what a name we’ve received

By it, by having it, I perceive we cannot be deceived

V is real, and her name is real

She doesn’t go after the deal

If she knows it’s not going to glorify the living

She is also one of the inhabitants of the living


V makes the people cheerful and happy

The name which makes my ‘hormes’ happy

Such that they all become snappy

I wouldn’t miss anything just to have her demi

I only wish that she would drive away my evil and sin

That weakness and possession which I’m in

I believe she is a god

Else who can the conscience prod

And cause to repent, change or renew

Who makes one’s life refreshed and anew?

This is the woman whom I spoke of as from God

The name of the Lord is in her like a rod

To straighten, to put right, and align

All those who are moving in the wave of sine


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