My Prosaic Writings


It seems I am a man that is into literary works. I write literature, literature that blesses hearts and confounds emotions. Prose is just one of my new adventures which I am venturing into. I do not know much about it but I hope I grow and mature in it as time passes. Pass here anytime soon for new and updated prose, God bless you.


1.   Love Question

Why do you question my love towards you? You seize the flow of love when you do that my dear. Don’t question my love for you, just receive it as it comes to you cos you’re blessed to be receiving love from me.

Why do you do that when I’m talking to you? That pitying, teeth-grinding and low self-talk. You dampen my spirit when you do that my love. Never do that in front of me my love because I don’t want to stop loving you.

Why do you make your face grim when I’m with you? Am I not likeable? Am I not lovable? When did I stop being these? Am I boring, uninteresting, or uncaring? Tell me my love, what should I do to make you love me?

We talk, we laugh together and smile to ourselves but it’s like you’re not here. Where are you my love? Come back to me my love, come back. Come let’s be together, come let’s dwell together.

What am I without you? Don’t get me wrong, we all need each other. I can’t afford to lose you because our love is deep, which I don’t want to give up. Our love is mutual; our love resonates in the ears.


2.   Living In The Hills

Feel the wind, the air passing through your palms

Feel the wind blowing through your clothes

That refreshing breeze blowing through the hairs in your nose

Inhale the sweet smelling savour, that mist of air

Not too dry and neither too humid, it’s just perfect and right


Living in the hills is a blessing and a curse

You escape the floods that hit the valleys low

But you also work out your thighs always

Whether or not you like it, it is a blessed curse

From the south coasts to the inland hills

I could say the feeling is not the same


See the rains, falling as the clouds gather

That precipitation during the day whilst the sun shines

So beautiful, so lovely, and so wonderful

See the wildlife, the rare animals whose species are endangered

Because the forest is depleting day in day out

You will never see anywhere anything like this

This culture of animals is amazing yet worrying

They invade your private space, your home

Without feeling ashamed, guilt or remorse for their offense

They live with you and somehow vie 

For equal rights of life and habitation

These animals just know how to do human beings


Welcome to the new environment, your new community

The people here are different like no other

Somehow fearless and brave but a little indigenous

They rock your ears always irrespective of the time

Oops! Forgot to talk about the woods, the perfect place to hide

And get your breeze on, an opportunity to relax your mind

This is a reminder to tell you that the hills are responsive

A place where you can go or be, to meet your God


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