My Proverbs


By the grace of God given me, I have been writing psalms, things that pertain personally to me. By this same grace, the door has been opened to me to write proverbs too. I am not any wise man but that the knowledge of the Lord has made me wise.

These proverbs are not extrinsic; you would bear witness. By the Spirit of the Lord, these were made known unto me. They are very practical and not anything utopian. These proverbs were made possible by the inspiration of the Lord. Let me say (add) here, that some are ‘wise sayings’ and not proverbs. May the Lord enlighten you with understanding concerning these proverbs, amen.


Chapter 1

1 Pray not, with a woman when she is unwilling

For she will increase unto more godliness, than thou art

But not as so, as thou thinkest

But because thou weariest her with thy righteousness

2 Weep not, when thou art at mourn

Lest thou lose thy strength

And become weak as the dead

For the dead have no strength to rise from their sleep

3 When thou considerest thy money

See thou know also who knoweth it

For the Lord is behind thee

Watching what thou shalt do with it

4 The woman that lieth in thy bosom

She is the person that shall bear thee up

Therefore see thou treat her well

Lest thou be drowned in that well

5 Whoso calleth himself a father

Let him provide for his child(-ren)

A father is one whose children rejoiceth in him

6 When thou art filled with sorrows

Seek not wine nor women but Jesus

For thine tears to be quenched

7 When thou art in the way of prospering

Remember thou who gat thee up

So thou shalt be a grateful man

8 A wretched man is he who knoweth not what to do

9 A rich man is he that saveth for his losses

10 A good man is he that doeth bad to nobody

11 A prosperous man is he that counteth not his successes, but his failures

When thou art prosperous, thou doest well above thy failures

Rejoice therefore, for the Lord is with thee

12 Who is a mediocre, but he that goeth not forth

He is he that worketh not with his hands

He sitteth, and expect things to move forward

Surely, the mediocre shall be a pauper

13 I know thou art who thou art

When thou speakest, speak as one that hast sense

Thus sayeth the Lord

14 The man that is righteous

Let him refrain from sin

Lest his profession be in vain

15 The Lord is not with thee, when thou failest

The Lord is with thee, when thou prosperest

Why sayest thou these? Art thou the Lord?

Let this sin be far from thee

16 When thou judgest, judge righteous judgment

When thou condemneth, do so as one that is from above

Let no wrong judgment proceed from thee

Because thou art (hast been set as) a judge

17 The Lord is with the righteous

The Lord heareth not the sinner

But He heareth his prayer when repenting

Lest the sinner be as the righteous

18 When the sinner sins, he is justified

When the righteous sins, he is reproved

These are the judgments of a man

But the Lord shall judge them all

19 Who is a sinner and who is a righteous man?

These are institutions of the Lord

Which man knoweth not but God knoweth

When He cometh, He shall shew us

20 The Lord hath concealed Himself in our parts

That we may not know Him

He is in us, and we know not nor how

This is a mystery! Who shall know it?

21 The spirit in man, is that man

He is not that man but his flesh

When man dieth, his spirit liveth

This is the doing of the Lord

22 Seek true riches and thou shalt be rich

Worship God, and thou shalt be like as an angel

Be thyself, and thou shalt rot in thy bones!

23 The lord is not he that moveth in the earth

The lord is he that walketh in the heaven

Art thou a lord? Where art thou?

24 When thou walkest, march as a soldier

And if not a soldier, thou art a warrior

For there is war between heaven and hell

This concerneth the soul that liveth on the earth

25 He that hath itchy ears

Let him pluck his ears

Lest they itch him

26 When knowledge increaseth, sin increaseth

When wisdom increaseth, sin decreaseth

When understanding is increased, sin is demeaned

27 The wisdom of man is foolishness

The wisdom of God is sensible

Seek not wisdom from man but in God

28 When thou seekest wisdom

Seek her as with a woman

That she may nourish thee

And thou be lavished by her

29 There is no wisdom but in God

He is the end of all wisdom

30 What is intelligence? It is but rubbish

What is brilliance? It is but vanity

The glory of the Lord, it beautifieth

The word of the Lord, it polisheth

31 A woman that feareth the Lord

She shall be praised

Yea, she shall be raised

And that, is to her glory

32 When thou doest good

Seek not reward

For God is thy reward

Has He not been good to thee?

33 Why strivest thou with a man in (with) vain words?

Knowest thou not that he shall overcome thee with his vanity?

For words are but the incantations of man

And the Lord knoweth this even

34 When the Lord produces a man

He giveth him speech, and silver

That a man may know the courses of life

It is the Lord that hast set these

35 When thou talk with a woman

Talk with her as with a lad

For that, she too is a man (human being)

36 When a man worshippeth the Lord

He becometh a saint, like as an angel

Holy and pure, true and righteous

Such a one shall never faint

37 Vanity increaseth unto more knowledge

And knowledge determineth one’s faith

What a man doth know, that shall bind him

Wilt thou therefore receive knowledge?

38 Boast of thine infirmities that thou mayest receive strength

It shall not heal thee but it shall take away thy brokenness

39 Worship God with thy mouth

For it sheweth what is in thy heart

Sing to the Lord with gladness

And thine heart shall be merry

40 When thou art satisfied with thyself

Satisfy others also with thy presence

To them, it is a present

As the Lord’s presence is, to thee

41 When thou errest with thy mouth

Speak not again but be ye silent

For the Lord shall requite thee

And ask thee of the matter

42 When thou art in trouble, call thy neighbour

And if he hear thee not, call thy brother

For the arm of the Lord is with thee

And He shall surely deliver thee

43 When a man seeketh apology, pardon him

When he justifieth himself or seeketh vindication, punish him

That is not an upright man but a deceiver

This do in thy courts, so there be no lunacy

44 If thou art reproached by a man

Take it in good faith, he is thy brother

The Lord knoweth that his works are not perfect

And thou shalt judge him at the latter

45 If thou art reproached by a brother

Forgive him for he is a man

The Lord knoweth that he is not upright

Thou shalt be his judge in the end

46 A free man has many friends

A strict man has few friends

These are true, and so what?

They all shall have enemies

47 A man that loveth the Lord

He shall be dearly loved

A woman that loveth the Lord

She shall be cherished

48 He that danceth excuseth sorrow

He that moveth his body wriggleth pain

As dancing is infectious

So shall thy health be

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