My Dictionary Of Words

In my proverbs, I said that “words are but the incantations of man”. What it means is, words are nothing other than incantations. So using incantation to express the English language, which is a sect, let’s find out what the true meaning of English words are. These incantations give the meaning of the words in its truest sense.

NB: This is an annex to my “signs and symbols

English in English

Albie A (first, beginning, alpha) + lb (pound weight or pound money?) + ie (that is)
And And First but comes always second, mostly used in sentences ‘angiogenin’ THAT IS (like, ‘I AM THAT I AM’ or the God WHO IS)
Anointing an ‘oint’ (with-)in
Beat b + eat To eat someone alive i.e. kill the person literally
Believe be + lieve (live) To become (from the verb ‘to be’) and live
Believe be (to exist) + li (Chinese for distance) + Eve (Adam’s bone of bones and flesh of flesh) To appear distant from yourself, what is yours i.e. your bone of bones and flesh of flesh
Bitch bad witch blast + -pheme  
Blog weB + log Your own kind of B, something that you log into yourself
Chaos chao system Goodbye system
Chaos Cha OS Cha Operating system
Conceive -ceive = sieve (filter) to have something together or in common
Eat An action Olden times there were two types, eating food and then having sex. Sex was not had unless or until one had eaten
Endeavour and ever NB: Wrong spelling or pronunciation but the meaning is the same)
Establish (publish) esta (i.e. ester- chemical compound) + blish (bl + -ish)
Evidence Evil + dence (dense) Evil activity is dense in that area or region. It doesn’t just mean evil activity is dense in the region but rather, whatever was keeping them hidden is now being taken away so they can manifest physically.
Firm (affirm, confirm) establishment
Forget fore + get To get something beforehand i.e. to miss getting it in time
Future few + ture The state of few making it ahead, e.g. the theory of evolution and ‘survival of the fittest’
Hour shortened form of ‘honour’  
Ignorance ignore + -ance The STATE of ignoring, not because you do not know)
Interesting Inter – rest + -ing In between rests, like the landing on a staircase and also, between two periods like interests gain on money invested
Journey J, our ney (knee)
Know k now Just got it
Language lan-guage i.e. LAN (Local Area Network) + gauge A dialect estimated to be spoken amongst common people, and which is probably understood by them only
Martyrs Mothers People who are able to birth a church in their lifetime or upon their death
Mediator media (medium, singular)+ tor (person)
Mistake mis(-s) + take To take the wrong thing or forget something
Music muse (amusement) + -ic
Music (old definition) mu (µ) – sick
Natalie natal (navel) + ie (that is)
Parent par ent(er/-prise)
Pastor pas(-ture) + tor (person) One who works in the pasture/field
Permeate ‘permit me’ state
Press (impress, repress) Pr (private/public relationship) + ess. (essential) to leave upon
Prophet pro + phet (fetch) To fetch beforehand i.e. to fetch something from the future before they happen, also to reveal
Realize real + -ize To know what is real
Receive To sieve again
Religion (region) re (do again) + li (distance, Chinese) + gion (gin?) To be engaged in a worship or service that is local to your vicinity
Stalk sound talking To hear someone’s voice and stay in hiding, listening to him/her
Study (steady, sturdy) Same pronunciation, find ‘common meaning’ amongst these words
Task Tax  (variant pronunciation, meaning “to pay for by working”)
Teach Tea (Tee) Church (a channel) A place where people converge, from left right and front or back
Turnt turned (my pronunciation) Having/living a life different from what was in your past (cp. Ephesians 5:8; Ephesians 4:17-20; Colossians 1:21-23)
Turnt up to be living upward for or to(-wards) God
Usually Us (we) + u (magnet) + ally (al + li) The things that happen between us is just a matter of distance, as the U-magnet is shaped
Worship war + ship To fight through in order to get to God

Root Words

Anointing (ointment) oint
Bridge (cartridge) idge
Consistent (insistent) Sist
Duck (fuck, tuck, yuck) Uck
Hungry (angry) Gry
Reverb (adverb) Verb


Crown cr + own Own
Dictation dict () + -ation Dict
Difference dif + fer (??) + -ence Fer
State st + ate Ate
Trend tr + end End

Twi English

Djama jams + a Twi rendering of English word, the local version of foreign jams or jamming music in club
Mentor men tɔ? English variation of Twi- meaning “should I buy”


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