My Signs And Symbols

Some people do not believe in signs and wonders but I do. This piece is a list of the signs and wonders which I use and which operate in the spirit. If you do not have the Spirit, at least you can break these words and understand the Spirit that uses me or that I use. God bless you.

NB: Before reading this, note that this is demonology to the highest bidder (bitter)

Antichrist Antechrist i.e. antique Christ? One that comes before the other in time e.g. flash
Beat b (musical note) + eat this  
Belly bel (measurement of sound) + ly (li, Chinese for distance)  
Blind B (beta waves) + lin (alcohol?) + d (??)  
Blood = flood b (musical note) + lood (low ode?) A kind of music that builds blood in your system when you listen to it
Bounce b (musical note) + ounce (weight in bels)  
Bump b (musical note) + um (sound, when eating) + P (Greek rho)  
Buttocks butt (English word) + ocks (ox)  
Cash C (??) + ash (potash probably i.e. pot ash, ash from pot)  
Cement = se.di.ment to settle  
City C (road sign) + it + Y (road sign)  
Command co (together/between) + m + man + d (dictate) A dictation that happens between two people, one speaking and the other agreeing or budging
Conjoin co + n + j + O + in  
Correct cor (core) + rect (erect? = | )  
Deaf De (dead ear) + af (autofocus) An ear whose autofocus is dead
Dent d (musical note) + ent(-er)  
Dependence de (the) + p (rho) + end + -ence  
Detonate de (the) + ton + ate (et? – French word)  
Devil D (the) + evil (see evil)  
Devil de (the) + vil (ville, French word for ‘town’)  
Die di + e (to become two on earth)  
Diode di (two) + ode (node/lode)  
Doctor doc (dock??) + tor (person??)  
Dumb D (??) + um (eating sound) + b (??)  
Emotion e (constant) +  mot ion  
Endeavour end (and) + eavor (ever)  
Endeavour en + deavor (devil?)  
Eve before?  
Evil Eve + -il (I live)  
Exercise ex (formerly taught) + -er + C + ise (ice)  
Explode X (cross sign) + P + lode (load?)  
f*** u earth u To release all the charges in a person, especially for what they done to you i.e. electrocuted/shocked you with their actions or words
Faith girth? = f + ai (AI?) + th (Ɵ)  
Flood F (earth) + lood (low ode) A type of earth that does not allow water to seep through but holds it upwards or that is easily saturated
Focal focus = foc (??) + us (we)  
God Go dey Pidgin language meaning “go and be”
Guess GU (Graphic User) + ess. (essential)  
H l-l A hyphen connecting two lengths
Hall h (road sign) + all (?)  
Hater h (road sign) + ate (past tense of ‘eat’) + r (road sign)  
Hear h (road sign) + ear (organ)  
Heart H (ladder) + ear + T (junction)  
Horse h (road sign) + or (/) + SE (south east)  
Hollow Hole low Hole is low, i.e. not deep
Human hu(-mous) man  
ID Identification = i (eye) + dent (see dent) + if (??) + i (eye) + cat ion  
intonation in (??) + to (tu, French) + nation (nat + ion)  
Jesus Christ iesous = i.e. + sous (nous, French word) Sous THAT IS
Junction djunct (as in adjunct) + ion  
KISS Keep It Sweetly Simple  
Know K (| <) + now  
Leopard L (?) + eopard (i.e. eo (??) + p (Greek rho) + ard (Afrikaans, earth)  
Light (sight, night) L (??) + In God He Trusts  
Lobe lobby = lo(-w) + b (musical note)  
Lost L (junction) + OS (operating system) + T (junction)  
Maimed Ma (multiple amplification) + im (instant mutilation) + -ed (past tense)  
Man mu?? (Greek) + an?? (indefinite article)  
Medication med + i + cat ion  
Mind mae (Chinese word, a sound probably, that of a type of ‘kiss’ maybe)  
Nation ɲ + @  ion  
Noise n + o + ise (ice)  
Pain P (Greek rho) + AI (artificial intelligence) + n  
Pit P (Greek rho) + it (??)  
Potions Pot ions  
Preach P (rho)+ r (lamda) + ea (??) + ch (channel)  
Prove = P (rho) + ro (rho) + ve (V?)  
Psycho psyche (Greek word for ‘mind’) + O (shape of mouth)  
Rent R (??) + ent (entertain- Hebrews 13:2)  
Resonate re (again) + son (sonne, French word?) + ate this  
Sound S (sine wave) + ounce + d (musical note)  
Slice and Dice S (??) + L (??) + ice  
Spirit S (wave/road sign) + P (rho/music note) + irit (iris, eye)  
Stone St + one / S (sinusoidal wave) + tone  
Stupid stu (stew) + P (rho) + id (ID)  
Temptation tem (term- James 1:12) + P & T (junctions in the brain- cp. Matthew 5:28) + -ation (ration- 1 Corinthians 10:13)  
Tether thither = Ɵ + ther(-e)  
Think th (Ɵ) + ink  
Town T (junction) + own (ow + n)  
Trail t + r + ail (to be troubled)  
Trending T (junction) + r (ɤ) + end in (verb)  
Threatening th (Ɵ) + re (to be or do again) + at + en + ing  
Trip T (junction) + R.I.P.  
Trip Lee trip lee (Chinese for distance) That is, a trip distance. How far it takes for one to stray from course
Voice V (??) + oice (choice, e.g. Re-Joyce, Royce, etc.)  
Wave W (double U) + ave-nue (new sign? = ɲ)  
Wind W (double U) + in + d (musical note)  
Y wai/wae (Twi language) = why (English)  
Yawn Y (??) + aw (owl?) + n (??) Type of sound made when you are tired or feeling sleepy. NB: The sound can be different and may vary, its length pitch, et cetera


NOTE: Did I state that most animals have ions in them which makes or gives them the characteristics that they have? If not, I am saying it here. If you can find a cat’s ion or lion’s ion or tiger or other, you can create that animal from the scratch with just that ion. All you have to do is just find (isolate) it. These ions can be found in the animal’s bones or flesh but especially the marrow.

I deem that human beings too may have ions in them, but not specifically in relation to characters but ‘spirits’ e.g. the spirit of Elijah (Matthew 3:1-4).

Scientist may call these ions DNA but I think it is still ions, as I’ve gotten from the Spirit. Perhaps we just need the right *** to bring alive these animals, even human beings i.e. spirits of persons.

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