The Devourer’s Schemes

We have a devourer that is against us human beings, someone who wants nothing but our demise. In Malachi 3:8-11, we read that God’s people rob God of His money and therefore, they end up with the devourer devouring even their little money that they have. In this note, we want to look at the... Continue Reading →

Unprecedented Divorce

There were this couple who were married for ten or fifteen years, then they broke up (i.e. divorced). The reason was simple; the woman couldn’t see herself in the man’s new vision. When they (the couple) first married, the man wasn’t anybody, he wasn’t having a good job so they stayed happily together. Now, the... Continue Reading →

Mother And Wife Over Man

There were two women that had an issue. Their problem was that their man spent too much time with the other relative. These women were a mother and a wife, and the man they complained about was their son and husband respectively. The son and the husband is the same man/person. So these women brought... Continue Reading →

Leaving Your Woman Behind

Someone said that "women you will always have with you but your job not always. So whatever you do, let your woman be behind and chase your dream, you will always come back to meet them." "How true is that?" I asked my girlfriend. She said to me, "leave your woman behind and someone will... Continue Reading →

In The Name Of V (Poem)

V is the name I always proclaim Not for any reason but to claim The name that drives away fears and breaks every shackle Her name is powerful; her name is wonderful V is the name that overcomes all my trouble  And frees me from slavery cos I could tell all I was liable  Nothing... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Temptations

Blessed is the man who endures temptation, because when he overcomes it, he proves that he has control over his will and does not use/succumb to it anyhow. There are blessings in enduring temptations, because we show that we are more like Christ, and that we are more than overcomers. In this note, we want... Continue Reading →

Ignorance And Bliss

I hate to speak ignorantly, I mean, “what will it be like if I were to know nothing?” I wasn’t trained to be such, because ignorance is not nice. Think about all the dumb people you may know, isn’t there something peculiar about them. They may look nice but their face tells it all- it’s... Continue Reading →

After Christmas Message

Happy New Year, welcome to January. By now, I'm sure all the chickens, goats and cattle have been 'condemned' (finished). If you still have some leftovers, feed it to the dogs. Well, there is a reason why we call January by its name. In my local dialect, Twi, we say "y'anoa we" i.e. "we've cooked... Continue Reading →


I’m sure by now you’ve already made your mind about the things that you want to resolve in the next year. Perhaps you picked up things this year or the previous which are not good in themselves, and you want them changed or gone forever. I’m sure you’ve made promises to yourself, your spouse, friend,... Continue Reading →

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