Scientific Healing Through Music

Description: Using musical science as a form of healing or to heal people especially those suffering from mental illness

Field: This involves the use of sine sound waves to correct the brain’s impulses. These can be generated through special purpose speakers and headphones or otherwise any good sound system should do. The waves need to be produced at the right wavelength and the right period of time else the effect would be undone.

Origin: Most of the madness in the world were as a result of strange sights and/or sounds that were left untreated. What may be called fear, these induced chemicals in the brain altered its basic or domestic function into something else.

When you study deeply into this field, you would realize there are spirits involved, like we have methylated spirits which kill bacteria in wounds and sores. These spirits, however they entered or got into the brain, influence the decision(s) of the person and functions of his body, thus, the person lives a life other than what he is, one that is weird or absurd.

We realize here then, how John the Baptist who came in the spirit of Elijah behaved just like him when they lived several hundred years apart and didn’t come into contact with each other.

One thing about spirits is, we share the same spirit when we are together or do things together. When we are apart or divide, our spirit go separate ways and evolves into something new, based on the new environment we find ourselves in. This almost happened to Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah.

I deem that this science only works on those possessed with spirits or demons. If the illness is biological, which I don’t know anything of, it will be a matter of trial and error. One way to tackle the matter through music is to know what music the person likes and then use that as a means to channel the sine waves. It is not so much of the music that does the job but the waves.

In one book I’m compiling, I have a list of words that relate to operating (like surgery) on the heart, and mind through sound.

One example of this scientific healing is David playing the harp to Saul whenever he was troubled by an evil spirit from the Lord.

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